Thursday , June 8 2023

Notice Potterheads: A pop-up store in this city opens


The temporary shop in Hoogh Katerin is dedicated to the Jubilee of Dutch books. Exactly 20 years ago, the Dutch made a magic in a magic. J. K. The book has been reconstructed in many parts of the book series of Rowling. For instance, PotterHeads can check the library and the student room as the callers are called. The Potter Spread Store is open in the 9/11 week, until the end of Christmas holidays.

"It's very busy, and we hope it will bite the entirety around Christmas," says Pop Up Store Carlin Klökkenbunk. "It's so fun and fans come here to talk to each other." Visit to the temporary store Clockwenbunk's comment. "You may have been a little magic here."

You can buy special items such as chocolate, chocolates, and beans in the potter store and all flavors in Alexander. Porter Heads may also adopt special editions of their favorite books. "These are only available as a limited edition in a new program, and there are some things like the special edition of books, and so the returnees can always find something new."

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