Thursday , October 6 2022

Overall, the total amount of ten million euros is Don Football


Ajax is also the only Dutch club that can still afford it. "We have FC Groningen's nine and ten million euros bid," says Buchs. It will be the clubs of Russia and Ukraine, but for now, outgoing director Hans Nijland says & # 39; s & # 39;.

In the winter break, the director of FC Groningen also does not cooperate because Dawn can distinguish between ban and execution in irrediscibility. "The summer club called 'NO' of CSKA 8 million euros from Moscow, a good decision, because now we get benefit from it," says Buchs, who calls Dawn his best player. "In my youth, I played a comparatively level role with Robin van Persie and later with Georgina's Vijenaldum and Don's team."

"Rites will be more valuable in the coming months, it's only 20 years old, now it's a match already in the Japanese team and it will present itself in the Asian Cup in January." FC Gronigen will have to do a few dellies without the Japanese, but the overall amount could increase further. Is there. Buijs sees Don FC likes to choose Suarez's route from Groningen to Ajax, Liverpool and then FC Barcelona. "She can continue to grow in Ajax."

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