Monday , August 15 2022

Picasso may have been stolen from the Kunstall in Romania


After an unknown tip, it may have traced a picos from Kunstall in Rotterdam in 2012. The Romanian-Dutch writer Meira Festu Kanvas was found on Saturday and handed over to the Dutch embassy of Bukhar. This is possible Tate de Arlequin In 2012, a Harlequin headlines from Romanian crime were stolen from Kunstel.

Meira Fedoca removes the art of the novel TastingIt appeared in 2015. Fenishu calls phone from Romney on Saturday night. Ten days ago, an unknown tip was used.

"The letter, written in Romania. The canvas was hidden an address, it was kantupitikkamennatinekkuricculla suggestions on how I can. That letter stated that the tarre D arlekvin. I called the detective realardam of reading. I read the book. The aircraft did not have a few days kelkkatirunnappeal NSE Etticcu. I felt that Don kvikseatt, because you have to find him a percentage of the risk. If you'd like to try it. "

When Romania arrived, Feticu made a hole in the huts. It was not necessary:

"When I arrived at the address, I started searching for the bushes, and when I turned a stone around, I thought I had something left, and it became a plastic-ridden package with a cloth, we carefully opened the car and compared it to a printed note. Not expert, but Picasso I think it's part of the Netherlands, so I brought it to the Embassy of Bukhar. "

The Romanian police are being questioned by Femen on Saturday evening. The Ministry of External Affairs confirms that a cloth was given to the Embassy. The research needs to be shown whether it is actually picasso.

Rumor of the rumor

In 2012, seven thieves in the Kunstall Museum stole the thieves of the Romanian art. In addition to Picasso, the works of Claude Monet, Henry Matisse, Jacob Maker de Han, and Paul Gowgin were included. The Romanian police found the guilty, but when the arrests, the clothes disappeared. Later, a suspicious mother would have painted paintings in her own stove.

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