Friday , February 26 2021

Rutte's parents call: Go to Sint-inburg

Parents, especially children, should go to Santecas in Sanstad. This is the message that Market Rutty presented at his weekly press conference. "The entire society agrees with one thing: we all give the children the magic of the Sonner class," said the prime minister.

It points out that it understands the emotional emotions. "But it is essential for us to keep those discussions calm and respectfully and respectfully at the right time." He suggests that "49 weeks not in the synst cellas" would be discussed.

Grapper flower

On that day, Ferdinand Grparhurz, Minister, said. "I would like to call my parents: I do not hesitate to go there, people will be tomorrow, and they hope to be able to come to the cinclass, which is an old children's party, and that would be a big shame for the people.

& # 39; Relaxed Conversation & # 39; between representatives from blocking fuzzy and anti-philanthropic activists. The gaphoffs told us where the day was.


Differences in the color of the piet are rising over the years and it seems to increase all versions of the X-Class. Last year, Black Pete protested the protesters on the highway, especially on the highway.

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