Friday , August 19 2022

Silvana: Dutch people do not want to be racist


That is why & # 39; black black people of black Dutch dance about racism. It is in the community of the Dutch. "You can not be a woman in the Netherlands, do not have to deal with sex" Simmons. "You do not have to be black, racist, you do not have homosexuality and homophobia, everything is there and you have to find ways to handle it." My father said to her, "Your position in the community will not be like your white girlfriend."

Simon is surprised by the racism of the Dutch. "We looked back again, we saw it in RTL Late Knight Where is the Jerry Fryre Not allowed to sit in the list. It should not be the Netherlands. "Silva was not aware of receiving such acceptance." Our humiliation is degrading when we see such images in other countries. If it happens then we are staying with those around us for a lifetime. "

The scammers

Silva Symons will be screening a documentary next week on her life. She is the threat of daily life. Because they raise their voice for racism and discrimination. Daim Vered Daylight is a turning point for the cinematic call Martin Simek & # 39; Black & # 39; Usual. "Before the broadcast was finished, I was online as a betrayer who returned with the banquet," says Simon 1 on Radio 1. "But I know you need to be calm and I know what tension I am going for, if I am not calm, I am violent."

Jerry Talky's recent talk of anti-peer activist, & # 39; Freesin & # 39; Jenny Dowwes One of the most strange TV clips of my life. The first question to the question of Twan Huys: Ms. Douwes asked, "How are you doing?" Tolerance. "Afriyie asked for the first time: Did you come out of duckham?" & # 39; Blocked & # 39; Jerry is the victim of the friars. In conscious or unconscious, there is an automatist who deals with each other. I'm not interested in stickers. But we shall see the conditions that we live and the terms we commit. "

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