Friday , August 19 2022

Taxis authorities fired and fired fifteen employees and killed them


About 35 employees from tax officials are suspected of fraud. To keep their assets abroad or to increase their discount abroad. For this reason 15 workers were dismissed after the start of this year.

Those reports de Telegraaf On Friday, ask for information from tax authorities.

Fourteen employees & # 39; s cancellation of punishment is responsible for crimes against honesty. Received. In addition, there are over 20 constant violations, and fifteen persons were expelled.

Employees "do not meet their tax liabilities," she told the newspaper. This means their tax returns are incorrect or that they are delayed or not announced.

A displaced official abandoned his black and foreign assets. Some other mistakes have been made. The mortgage interest rate has also been reduced. Private budget revenue is not reported.

"From the taxpayer's employee, the tax authority's authority and dignity will get more attention to his tax liabilities," says a spokeswoman for the Finance Ministry. de Telegraaf.

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