Wednesday , August 4 2021

The investigation of HIV is inadequate

In the Netherlands, the risk of HIV transmission among men who have sex with men is greater than the rest of the population. Gay and Bisexual men suggest they take HIV seriously. However, insufficient men from this group tested for HIV in every three to six months. The percentage of which was not recently and was never tested is the highest among the young men. Today, surveys are shown by men and sex, showing sex and health among men between 6025 men who have sex with men. The results of the research were presented during the National STI * HIV * Sex Congress, which is currently in Amsterdam. In addition to the use of all preventive devices, more and easier testing for HIV is crucial for preventing HIV prevalence among homosexual people.

"It is not acceptable that there is still an HIV epidemic among homosexuals in the Netherlands, because we have a remedy to stop it, and it is only possible if HIV preventative pill is rapidly available for a large group of PEEP gay men Vam Zoolohof, a program leader at Sone Gay Aides Netherlands, says that it should be more accessible to all gay men and by preventing and detecting the HIV infection, we have HIV epidemics We can bring an end to questions.

One of the main goals of the fight against HIV in the Netherlands is that 85% of gay and bisexual men know the condition of their current HIV, meaning men tested less than six months ago. Surveys of men and sex, however, show that only 48% of participants know the status of their existing HIV. Nearly one third (31%) has been tested more than half a year ago, and five (21%) of men have never been tested. The biggest percentage of the hardest test is small and is also outside of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Hague cities. It is also noteworthy that 17% of this group suggests that they have no symptoms. In practice, the symptoms of early HIV do not always be noted or interpreted as flu.

Gay and Bisexual men tested themselves at GGD's STI clinic. But there is a lack of ability and they have to work with waiting time. The time to wait for those who intend to test regularly is extremely frustrating. The disadvantage of this is that some men find HIV infection and then get the chance to spread the virus. So AIDS Nederland thinks this is a worrying development. Due to the lack of capacity, STD policies usually refer to general practitioners. GP Testing for HIV is deductible on. If men do not check HIV only, but recommend for chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis, at that time they lose hundreds of hundred euro. Creates thresholds for deductions for testing of HIV and STD testing by a general practitioner. The additional problem is that not all general practitioners correctly identify the HIV infection. Testing for HIV is not possible at home. In contrast to the countries around us, reliable Netherlands can not be purchased without intervention of a self-test doctor or pharmacist in the Netherlands.


We go again | Yesterday | 23:53

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Men who do it with men will do better to wear T-shirts: I am gay but am shy for 35 years. And together in a plastic bag. For public health Have any questions?

If you are straight you should only be patient, virgin, and unethical. Unsafe. But, hey, they are just going to shoot a jar. And once again feel guilty. With their unusual behavior But up? A change in a different half or a complete disorder remains. It is not said, but it is believed.

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Fine, but you're doing it anyway, right?

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It is an automated disease. Many new things have been discovered, thanks to many AIDS research. But it is genetically determined. So you're doing it, right? Imagine that your descendants are again with him. Shooting can be enough once. And then you transfer that pain to another innocent person nicely. If you have conscience, you can do it safely. Or rather instead.

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