Monday , May 29 2023

There is concern about Lee's level variation


National coach Ronald Cuenan understands the hopes of the Dutch National Team for France's Nations League match on Friday. "It's good, is not it?" Koeman told the press conference. "We have not got a chance, we're in the third place, but if we lose now, it's going to be mad." That does not work, but it is good that people express faith in us. "

In the Rotterdam Cup match, Kiman has the opportunity to fit. The consultation was made only about Frenke de Jong, who faced hip issues. "Frenkék can join it, we'll protect him a bit, but he does not have to worry."

There are some concerns about the current difference in the Dutch League. This season, PSV and Ajax are far ahead. When Keman conquered Germany, there were not five respective Division players. "I do not believe that the rest will be weak, PSV and Ajax are stronger than the rest, it's not good if it happens in all season," said Keeman.

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