Wednesday , August 4 2021

This is the fastest racing strategy for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Today, 7:59 AM
By Leone Lee Comte

According to Tire Supplier Pirelli's calculation, the fastest strategy for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is ​​the one-stop as an early tire with Ultrasoft. Then you have to switch to superstops to drive to finish. Max Werstepne has not chosen the fastest strategy.

Pirelli estimates that 18 to 22 laps can be applied to UltraSpots in the first phase. There are 55 leaps in the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi. Werspennin starts in Hirschfots tomorrow. Pirelli, according to a slow strategy, the Red Bull driver will try to move to the podium. Pirelli has calculated that 8 to 12 lamps can be applied to Hirschfots. But Versteapen has often shown this season to save its tires. It may well be that the Dutch driver can drive a long walk in the first phase of Hirschfots.

Pirelli also mentions two stoppers as an option. Then you have to start over at Hirschfots and then ultrasound will have to be switched twice. Worstapps felt in Ultrasoft that they are not fully comfortable in eligibility. So decided to switch to Hirsutfots. She is hoping to be surprised at the band. "We start on Hypersoft, so I think there is a chance, but it can be better anyway", Wastapp said yesterday after the qualifying session.

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