Monday , January 25 2021

Vaccination specialists: 'Netherlands leaves health benefits' & # 39;

Vaccine manufacturer GSK's Rolf Ramori also thinks that the government should think more in the situation and expect faster progress as quickly as possible. "It is the fact that waiting until the outbreak has led to a shortage of vaccines," he says. "In addition, emergency orders are more expensive than planning plans."

A few years ago, Remori points to the outbreak of Meninocoque W., while according to them the government started a late order vaccine. They fear that this will occur with the meningococcus bee.

Health council

Experts believe that it takes a long time to give advice to the health council about vaccinations. Gerard Zihuoss, as chairman of the Committee on Vaccination of the Health Council, is also present in the House of Representatives, it recognizes that the Council is cautious.

"If there is uncertainty, then we are a little worried about working very quickly." Meningococcus B is a good example of this, and it is in the context of the safety that questions are still asked about the current vaccine. There is a lot of development in the field of vacancies: Let's see it in three years time. "


In relation to vaccinations, it is often about cost effectiveness. In the Netherlands there is not formally established that what is the maximum cost of a drug or vaccine, but often the government is advised that it is maintained as a thumb rule that the drug can cost up to 80,000 Euros per year. Preventive steps, such as vaccine, or the maximum amount is 20,000 euros, health experts say in the House of Representatives.

Pharmacy Professor Postma says, "A ridiculous strict limit". "It releases the Netherlands from health benefits, and it should increase the amount for a vaccine against serious diseases such as meningococcus b." De Groupe, a member of the former Health Council, also considers a higher amount of socially acceptable and required amounts. "Financial matters are obviously considered to be more important by the Health Council, but it is more than achieving health benefits for children and the elderly."

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