Monday , August 2 2021

After a definitive victory, sliders jump over Ulster

Slorts 29 Ulster 12

Ulster was eliminated by Skelets at the conference B-14 of Guinness Pro 14 as he had to face defeat in Lelynelle 29-12.

The main coach Dan McFarland struggled with his team without taking the lead and without leading the Irish international Roar Best, Iain Henderson, Jacob Stuckdale, Will Edison and Rob Herring.

Alster's forward was second best against the influential home pack, about what would happen at the next three-month meeting of the three meetings between the two teams next month.

Scrumfail, Dave Shanhan and Johnny Stewart, in their place, scored half goals, but Ulster was second best against Skellet's outfit without the keys to Wales with 12 key men.

Domestic efforts Werner Crugger, Kiran Hardy, Kyron Phonotia and Tom Pridei finally did what did with the success of a comfortable home.

After a poor performance at the beginning of 10 minutes, Ulster broke Deadlock with a good effort. In a neat Blindside, Wing looked at the London Ludicic link at Henry Spite, and Australia returned to give the international Schenheim Shanhan a simple transformation.

After the conversion of Billy Burns, Dan Jones and then Scarlett's first attempt was fined.

Although Jones was kicking on the corner and Ed Eddy suffered a blow, the ball was recycled and the crew got out of the closest series. Jones scored the goal and Ulster was stuck in the back.

Scarlett denied a second attempt by Nick Timoni's superb weapon. Hardy was thrown out of Mark Jones's offensive back-door, but the scream of the house came in touch.

Scarlett was later crossed, but Paul Effath's attempt for obstruction to the build-up by Phonetia would be T.M.O. Tim Heyy rejected.

Ulster was enjoying a seductive life, but Scarlett's dominance was soon over, and Hardy came in with another close range of scores. Super Phonotia still had time to smash the break beforehand to make a good effort. Jones sent Ulster to a break below 22-7 with a single conversion.

Scarlett got another trial approval and the Ulster Center James Hume was lucky not to have been carded for a high-heck at Johnny McNicole.

The work she had done for her was stuck Scarlett and she was fully dominated by the region. Eventually, his bonus-point reached with a huge expanse of space, Pride benefited from the right corner.

Jones again scored once and Stuart was once again seen in place of Ulster, although both teams unloaded his bench.

Until reaching the final quarter, it took a long time to decide the game as a contest, so the last 10 minutes were quiet.

He thinks Ulster has to leave the house with plenty and go ahead and clash with Lallaneli's men of the Champions Cup.

Skelets: Which McNicole; Tea Pride, or Phonotia, P. Asquith, I Nicholas; D. Jones, or Hardy; P Price, M Jones, W. Kruger; S Cummins, D. Bullring; E. Kennedy, W. Boyd, U. Casim

Replacement D. Davis (27 minutes) for Kennedy, D Hughes for Jones (41), D Evans for Price (62), S. Hydlo-Clinic for Hardy (63-68), L. Rawlins for BullBeening (63), Sea Blomats for McNicole 64 ), S. Gardiner (70) for Kruger, William M. Williams for Nicholas 71, S. Haidago-Clin (74) for Hardy.

Infringers: Emory Lori; R. Balaconchi, L. Ludisk, J. Hume, H. Spite; Bee Burns, D. Shaanhan; E. Sullivan, A McBurney, M. Moore; O & # 39; Conor, or Treadwell; M. Cottage, S. Ready, Ann Timoni

Replacement Wavyke for Sullivan (50 minutes), Nagel (50) for Tredwell's 50, Toule for Moore (55), Dave for Ludic (57), Andrew III McBurney (63) For St John (63), Johnny for G. Johnny (63), A Carnohan (77) for Spike,

Referee: Quinton Eamelman (South Africa)

Attendance 7,788

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