Friday , January 15 2021

After the death of the green elephant, opponents take aim at the Oregon Zoo

Portland, O.R. (KPTV) – Oregon Zoo reopened its doors on Saturday after closing on Fridays, so the staff child could be saddened by the sudden death of an elephant's green.

But, the crowd returned to the zoo, a group of animal rights activists called out for a boycott.

Demonstrators longed for hundreds to go through the door to attend the Zoo Lighthouse, a popular holiday attraction

Along with the group of Courtney Scott, with Oregon Zoo's elephants free group, she and her fellow workers are demanding to stop her elephant exhibition and leave gentle animals in the sanctuary.

"I think we have more compassion for animals there."

Scott has alleged that 21 of the 28 elephants born in the Oregon zoo have died.

But, Zoo officials say Fox 12, those numbers are being presented without context and may be misleading.

Zoo's veterinarian has confirmed the death of Lily due to an illness with Elephant Endotheliotropic Herpesvirus or EEHV, a free disease and a high mortality rate in captive elephants.

And, they say, Lily's first known EHV-linked death is at Oregon Zoo.

Even though Scott says that he would like to see Lille's mother with Rose-Tiger, the sheep.

"Every time the animal dies here, there is sympathy for the zoo employees and we understand that, but we have to see how the animal feels after a while. Do you know? She lost her child."

The non-profit Oregon zoo also asks to finish its enrichment program.

A zoo spokeswoman told me that their heart goes out to each of them, who feels the pain of Lily's death, which includes opponents but her anger is in the wrong direction.

Despite the demonstration, the Zoo Lite was filled in the night and present attendees were present in the exhibition, leaving notes and flowers to honor Lily's memory.

Oregon Zoo outlined the following statement: "We wish to respect any person's lily's memory, please request the National Elephant Herpesvirus Laboratory to join us to help treat the disease, which kill both young elephants in our zoo Split and into the wild. "

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