Monday , August 2 2021

Air NZ Bose wants to work with small airlines on regional routes, protects the company after the criticisms of Shane Jones, now 1 news

Chief executive Christopher Luxon states that Air New Zealand is "more than exposed" to the idea of ​​working with regional airline carriers, M. Shane Jones returned after criticizing his regional influence.

Mr Luxon told CNNZ1 Q + that "I will challenge you to find a company investing in regional New Zealand."

Earlier this year, regional economic minister Shane Jones said that in recent years he was "completely reckless" with treatment of regional air services in AirNews after being exposed to Kapty Coast and Kaitaia.

The first MP's comment from NZ follows the carrier's decision to cut flights between Coast Coast and Christchurch.
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"I do not think governments and businesses have shots on each other, they are especially helpful or constructive, especially potential investors want to invest in New Zealand," said Mr Luxon.

However, in the last six months, Air New Zealand and the government have "really found a constructive way to work together on these issues".

Mr Luxon told the host Kourin Dunn that when the airline has left some roads, then it disagreed that it did not show the lack of commitment to the territories.

"Reality is really challenging, we are in a small country, we have a heavy weather environment, but we do a great job," he said.

Dane asked why Air Arabia did not run on some local regional roads as smaller airlines were able.

Mr Luxon said, "It really is what we want." "What we tried to do is actually the establishment of Regional New Zealand so that we stay there for a long time."

He said the partnership with the local airlines "is going on well"

"We're talking to the CEOs of all the airlines, we're really thinking about how to do it."

"About how we can do inter-liner luggage [transferring baggage to another airilne], And it just needs some IT systems, and it's the kind of things we're working on. "

After Air NZ moved out early this year, Air Chathams has started flying on the Oracle on Pararamu Road.

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