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All Black World: A lot of plus to play McGeean's football


Owen Farrell originally tried to get a drop goal, but England did not get a chance.

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Owen Farrell originally tried to get a drop goal, but England did not get a chance.

Analysis: Sir Ian McGichan, who came close to defeating New Zealand at the legendary meeting yesterday, highlighted five areas that England could do differently

England should have gone for a setback

England will be disappointed with the disappointment that the game should not be shut down. Finally, one of your lines does not lose one-third (5/15), and is expected to maintain the pressure needed to win the big test matches. It was not against a team like New Zealand. However, England had a chance in the last five minutes. World Cup will not play for 12 months world championships. Sam was a temptation not allowed in Undahal. Last week, England took over the ticket to Owen Farrell. You have to trust the TMO to make the right call. By the moment Johnny Mayke was dead, they could not have engineered a goal that was more appropriate for them.

England had to take a break for a break – I was amazed that Ben Teo was honest. I do not know if it is bad. Because there was George Ford on the pitch, but nobody was in pocket. Instead, England spread it.

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It's a bitter taste. But there are many positives to play from England's perspective.

The influence of Mitchell is clear

You have to say that England's defense is all about lunch. Rain has helped me but they have to face Japan next year. In a series where South Africa's only two Tests, England is just as bitter, but unbelievably well organized. Their lyrics were good, some of the great performances were done, Undhil, Maro and Ito. But what I liked most did much in England's shock. The first uptelling was common. This was the "leg tackles", so soon England's parents brought NZ runners and allowed other pubes to remain on their feet. They then made a double resistance, both of them. There were 13 or 14 players in their legs to support all blacks. A team of four attempts at each of the last 10 games tested a lull. Small gaps in New Zealand have been found, offloads and switches. But they had to work hard to break those lines. There were always players in front of Sony Bill Williams or Bowden Burrett. John Mitchell has now given importance to the England team.

England's defense was unusual, even when all the blacks were testing mercury full back Damian McKenna.

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England's defense was unusual, even when all the blacks were testing mercury full back Damian McKenna.

England's tactical line is another great plus

In my opinion, Pharrell is at the 10th place. England's Midfield Flood-half, Ben Teigo 12, is another player in Henry Slad. I thought Ben Jang's and Pharrell had fun with New Zealand. , Especially so they were so patient, not out of the first phase. Colney Lice, Kyle Sinclair, Mark Wilson – One step or two, then switch to two passes, exit to outside channels and expel them. Either Elliot Daly or Jonny May either. To get rid of the kicks from outside channels is very difficult.

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New Zealand defeated England's All Blacks 16-15.

New Zealand is just behind England. England's kick-chase collapsed Chris Ashton and Undahl again They will not give New Zealand a break.

Hartley still has a role to play

I do not think we can read more like Dalton Hartley's substitution. Hartley also played well in the first half of the season, driving the team well outside and driving out the maul. After the break, England has lost some clutch lineout, and I can not be too hammering even Jamie George.

You speak the world's best locks in the Broadi replica and Sam Whitlock. They put you in great stress, and they all work together. This is shooting. I do not think the relationship between Hortle and George is so big. But Hartley is a natural leader of the England team. Eddie Jones believes in him, as his colleagues do.

Deeply a sign of the growing strength of England

When he tried under Undahl, he was shoe-in for Man of the Match. In addition, he must close the Broadcast Retaliary. In the first 30 minutes, everywhere I went down and grabbed hold of hands and tied it. The London buses are really open to London buses. You wait together and wait a year, and then Tom and Jerry are in progress. Their emergence has become a real positive. But there are more. Mark Wilson performed well. Kyle Sinclair played this week's best game. Ti, as I have mentioned earlier, has done well in South Africa and England Midfield has a good balance, especially in the absence of Slad. Courtney Laws played in a great game. He might have been separated from the ground to push the underworld, but he put pressure on all the blacks. They have got five or six kg. Many of England's players were replaced by New Zealand's batsmen. Although Bradsheets is still convinced of some of the things, most people play well.

Sir Edmund Hillary shielded the wicket after New Zealand's Kiran Reed England.


Sir Edmund Hillary shielded the wicket after New Zealand's Kiran Reed England.

It's better than last week. If you think England will be coming back again, you get a little thin in England's shelves. Eddie Jones is very happy to see what these friends can see and they put their hands on the election.

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