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Although new drugs are still available for the rare drugs, she is fighting for two years to get there


When Anne Wilson was six months old, she realized that the muscles of the spinal cord swelling, a rare disease that causes the weak and weak disease of the disease – said she will not live for 3 years. After 30 years, her condition was accepted in the inbuilt incoming

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Spinrose. Spinacha cautiously takes on novel attention, but has a high price tag: from $ 750,000 to a year up to $ 375,000 in the first year. During the recognition, Wilson's breathing, talking, wheelchairs, and enthusiasm for the new treatment. Wilson Market Watch said that the doctor, who works in the California-based healthcare system, Kaiser Parman, was very weak and returned. Wilson challenged Caesar's decision through a house appeal. However, Wilson was told of a market martial for two years of war. Stress is suspected of affecting her health, even considering abandoning. "I do not want to fight for the medicine that destroys my disease," said Wilson. "Someone rejects me, your life does not matter for us, but it's just like dollars." "I do not expect a miracle to be able to get spin and I will target my progress. I have abandoned the best standard of living in life.

Anne Wilson, aged 36, from Almeida, California, was first found to be infected with epilepsy when she was six months old. Over the past two years, Kaiser has been trying to fight against peripheral health problems, making it an expensive treatment that prevents the patient's progress. See more: Uncommon rare drugs & # 39; invite a storm of critical accidents & # 39; Kaiser Wilson "has a lot of similarities", she needs support and protection, "she does not have a clinical study that proves the patient's efficacy in treating her," Associated Executive Director of The Permanent Medical Group said. Sameer Ousar said. "Spinaraza does not have a clinical study to indicate that spinal mosquito astrophysicidal use is effective for adolescent-dependent adults, and in some cases there are serious risk factors." In recent years, more rarely infected drugs have been approved, but Wilson's experience speaks of complex issues that can meet the promises. Affordable Health Insurance: Why this $ 300,000-a-year rare disease is caused by the US $ 10,000 to 25,000 SMAs The SMA assumes the disorder as per the Foundation's claim. Baguan estimates that nearly 60% of the population live in adults. Children and adults were certified by spirits in the late-2016s, but some of the health insurers – including kaiser – from clinical trials covering adults, spinelessly tested it in children. More and more adults with the SMA are now being treated with Spinso, and Wilson's patient is treated by Caseer, a lawyer. "They should deal with them, and they should pay for that treatment, because they spend a month in Medicare," heenberg said. Major health insurance guidelines, like United Healthcare, are different

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There are policies that protect individuals who need sustainable use of ventilators. An important factor affecting spinaria access is SMA, which is relatively common for a rare disease. A group of ASS patients who have spent over $ 115 million raised by the ice bucket challenge. But adults with the SMA are treated in the US, including those who depend on ventilator. For example, Stanford University Hospital estimated 32-year-olds by mid-2018, out of which 22 were unable to support three of them without supporting ventilators. No serious side effects or health problems have been affected. Earlier this year, the doctor sent a doctor doctor in Viruses. Stanford suggests the team "treatment [Annie] Spin irice is good for increasing the disease and improving the ongoing activities. "He said. Bayeajen use in adults tried to vyapakamakkan. This is the age of the patients reached 15% by the end of October. When compared to almost every child in pediatric patients. The importance of spinrasa everywhere," a broad type of SMS in the population. "Valiyea believe will be able to benefit from the spinsasayil The ASEAN group of patients, "chief financial officer, Jeffrey does not benjanre conference call, said that the month of October. However, Wilson and Wilson are questions about the prices of the patient, the patient's population and the side effects. "Is it going to heal her SMA miracle? No," said Ginsburg. "But do we think that will help her?"

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