Tuesday , August 16 2022

Andrew Gunn: New to Cup Week, The Lime Scooter Hurdles


Hold on: A resident stopped for a selfie! what's going on?


Hold on: A resident stopped for a selfie! what's going on?

Satan: Welcome to the Live Scooter Hurdles feature event of the racing calendar of the cup week. The track is speed and the asphalt, but the prophecy about the rain often fades.

Scooters continue to block half the field path, so let's see our loved ones when they are mounted. Midlife crisis is new to this event, but he is a solid performer on the likes of cafe hopping squares.

The honecator and helmetless were all known earlier. She missed the shoe and would look to hide this distance very quickly. Likes over the underdog, non-license programs, and out-of-life accidental deaths.

Joining with them is about his girlfriend's lover, even if he's a long shot, is a fun event.

The riders are scrambling through a large offshore corporation's database to scan their credit card details and personal information.

They are off!

Midlife crisis followed Undertaken and Unlikes, Hunkovers and Helmets, Accidental Waiting to Happen, Dubbing Himms Carrot Rear.

They are ringing in Talkback Corner. The first barrier here is barbs of regular collars. Waiting for an accident is an insult to the accident!

He's down! He comes in front of the talkback corner mob, a drunken man does not wander all the time they disappear. 1998 Telstar Wagon falls off the track as a lemon jerast. The screen reads a screen around the scooter.

Mid-life crisis is in the forefront. Backwards they go to a school bus with a footpath for a two year old five-year-old girl. Did not anyone think of children?

Midnight will not be a crisis, he shakes his guns and evacuates to the Rhodedenton border. Oh, humanity!

The Hunkover helmets are the cycling line that the driver's father is only a mad pink.

The disappearing and the hidden is broken! Mum credit card has increased, she is lame and contradictory.

They are curved and curved! The midlife crisis and the hangover, helmetles neck, neck, online commentators and commentators run before the deadline.

They will walk through pedestrian crossings! Midlife crisis, hangoobar and helmeleys, midlife crisis, hangout and weight!

They both make a big jump and deliver phone numbers! They stop traffic, not a good way ….

It just goes in to her girlfriend! He goes to the line, which makes his girlfriend wrong, gets a reward with a slow kiss in the read and resentes from older people who have never done so in their youth. What a discomfort!

After the break: In the country's lounge, the buoys funding barbecue fried in onion for free-for-all and the excitement continues.

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