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CBD, or canabiediol, is the fame about the real?

Approach: Long ago, I could not tell you what the word "CBD" meant to be, let alone use it for it.

CBD, or canabidiol, is usually extracted from hemp, but may also come from a marijuana plant, so it is sometimes confusing with its dreadful chemical cousin. Unlike CBDs, when TCC is being smoked or eaten Produce high.

Today, we live in the CBD world, tincture, ointment and evaporative oil popping everywhere. Gwyneth Palto is a celebrity CBD trustee from Willy Nelson, and if you come frequently in the right coffee shops, you can also get a cannabidol shot in your late summer.

In my small North Carolina city, the fliers in the local convenience store encourage me to "experience the phenomenon" of CBD products, hoping it can "relieve" diabetes, alcoholism, schizophrenia, back and knee pain and other conditions.

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The enthusiastic checker Clarke says, "Anyone who buys this product comes back and is rough about it – including my mother."

And, I should also include.

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"My mood has been significantly elevated and stable, although I understand that my experience proves to be something." (File photo)

I am now taking CBD tincture every day. After all the fame, I want to see that it can have a positive effect on my lifelong struggle against depression. (To be clear, the tincture I am using is based on the hemp-derived CBD, which is less than 0.3% THC, which is short for tetrahedrokanabinol. It is not enough to get even higher if I drink the whole bottle , Some experts explain.)

Despite the growing popularity of the CBD, the science supporting the claim has remained very fragile at this point. So why does one substance know so little interest in researchers? I'll call Hype, Hope and Big Bucks. On today's date, the Food and Drug Administration allowed only one drug containing CBD, epidiellax for the previously uncontrolled pediatric attacks. (To get FDA's okay, a new drug should be studied strictly in medical testing.)

The Hemp Business Journal estimates that in the CBD market last year, a total of $ 190 million (NZ $ 282 million) was sold in the non-existent category five years ago.

By 2022, the Brightfield Group, Canabis and CBD Market Research Company, say sales are expected to reach $ 22 billion. The December December 2018 farm bill will definitely help; It does not include 0.3 percent THC unless the word "marihu" is improved to give the criteria as a controlled substance. Laura Freeman, chief executive of Kentucky producer of BBD Products Homestead Alternatives, told me that "this is a very bright spot that we have cultivated for a long time. Eventually there is a crop that is possible."

With such enthusiasm, a CBD user asked me, "What's the damage?"

Oncologist and professor of medical medicine at the University of California at San Francisco, Donald Abrams says that it is a great question. In fact, he says, "we really do not know anything about CBD".


The government has opened the doors of the medical marijuana industry established in New Zealand.

Abrams is a member of the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine Committee, which has given the most comprehensive report on the date of evidence related to the health benefits of cannabis and cannabinoids.

That report does not include the Han-based CBD; It covers only CBD products, including THC derived from marijuana, also known as medical marijuana. (Remember: THC is a THC that raises users, and hence medical marijuana is still illegal in many states.) Abrams says that Vitro and animal studies suggest many possible therapeutic programs for hemp-based CBDs.

Some studies have found the CBD to be harmful, which is to say safe, but it is very different from proving its efficacy. Abrams told me that there were only five randomized clinical trials monitoring the CBD till the study of epidiolex. Most of those studies were a trial of 24 people. Yes, it's small.

If there is more evidence that CBD works wonders, still we will have a question about what is in CBD based products.

CBD manufacturers do not necessarily have to label their products in all the states. Customers with small regulation should be skeptical. The sources also are important because heavy metals or other contaminants have been found in some decoction grown in China or Eastern Europe.

CBD, or cannabidol, may also come from marijuana plants.

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CBD, or cannabidol, may also come from marijuana plants.

Michael Becks says, "People who are buying them on Amazon, or working on their local health food store without actually (safety) net" Canabas Pharmacy: The Practical Guide to Medical Purpose.

In the study of 2017, Assistant Professor Marcel Bon-Miller of psychiatry department of the Perelman School of Medicine of the University of Pennsylvania said that his team has found that they analyzed approximately 70 percent of CBD products are false.

Approximately 40 percent of 84 items were "less labeled", which means they have more CBDs than the signal. In addition, about a quarter was "over-label", which means that consumers are paying good money for not only components but also can not obtain large amounts of doses to achieve potential therapeutic benefits. Bon-Miller says that some CBD products may include THC, which can make you drunk or impaired.

Yes – Users are under an inappropriate influence, a positive test on the workplace drug screen or Bon Miller says that "countless negative consequences, addiction to cognitive impairment, anxiety – especially at high doses – and the risk of mentality". .

Speaking of doses, what is the right amount?

Investors have options for investing in medical marijuana companies.

"Recommended service size" at my bottle of CBD tincture is 1 ml per day. I think I'm talking to most customers while I'm saying the size of the service is a way to measure chocolate, not medicines. But FDA will not allow CBD manufacturers to make any marketing claims – including the recommended dosage. Other brands may recommend more daily or less daily quantities because the doses are not standard and CBD products come in various strengths. As Abrams told me, it really is "wild west".

Despite this concern, Professor Ziva Cooper, associate of Clinical Neurobiology at Columbia University's Irving Medical Center, who is doing research with CBD, says, "Based on animal studies, many diseases seem to have a lot of promise for states", its potential effects on inflammation , Which can be effective against multiple sclerosis, autoimmune disorder and addiction. More importantly, she told me that the CBD "may be therapeutic for diseases that do not have large drugs" – such as those for children's seizure disorders and many others.

About three months ago, I added CBD tincture to the selected serotonin roupatech inhibitor for depression. My psychopharmacologist told me that there is no specific contradiction or cause against taking both, but stressed that there is no data on how both treat each other. There are some well-known contradictions with other drugs including Warfare, Kodin and Oxidon, but not SSRIs. Cooper states, "It is not that there is no contradiction." "We just do not know."

CBD, or canabidiol, is sold in many forms, including tinctures.

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CBD, or canabidiol, is sold in many forms, including tinctures.

With the advice of Bon Miller, I found a batch number on my tincture bottle and called the producer in Kentucky to check what's in it. Fortunately, the label was properly marked in terms of CBD content. The test experiment also confirmed that there is no heavy metal in my production. I hope the reputable manufacturers will be honest about their lab analysis of what's in their CBD products, but if not, how do we know? Answer: We will not.

Because I am using CBD, my mood is significantly elevated and stable, although I understand that my experience proves anything. Placebo effect can be strong, especially for the health features designated by the brain. Coupure encouraged me to continue talking to my doctor because "these powerful stories, as well as evidence of past or animal studies, help to run the basis for strict study."

Accidental information about CBDs – This kind of rigidity needs to be proven or denied. This size market should be more dependent on hype and hope, with the consequences of such health.

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