Tuesday , January 31 2023

Click & # 39; Once a lifetime & # 39; to change the roads. The hospital is being constructed


Roads that pass through Central Dunedin may be a big shake up.

The two day workshops started today in the new Dudenin Hospital on National and Regional Roads.

Prior to Kandbury Factory and Wilson's Car Park, St Andrew Street crosses between two one State State Highway 1 road.

The new hospital Dudenin Transport provides a stimulating effect on the life changes in the new location, said Regional Relations Director Regional Relations Jim Harlland.

"The construction and operation of the city center provides an opportunity to integrate the transport network better."

The workshop is organized by Nandah University and Dunedin City Council, which hosts the University of Otto, Otago Regional Council, Port Otto and Chamber of Commerce.

NZTA and Counsel & # 39; Future network possibilities & # 39; A workshop.

Participants and community will have other opportunities to give feedback to continue the design process.

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