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Diary-Top Economic Events on 27th December

Nov 24 (Reuters) –

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—————————— This diary is filed every day. ** New events indicate —————————— Monday, November 26th

** VIENNA – Austrian Central Bank Governor Ewald Notney gave an early address to the ONG conference at European Economic Integration – 1200 GMT ** Frankfurt, Germany – Speech by Peter Pre, member of the ECB board at the 33st International Zeensforums 2018: Zinsen 2019 – 0900 GMT in Frankfurt, Germany ** Brussels – Introductory statement in the capacity of the ECRB chair in the European Parliament in Brussels in Isro Boris by the President of the ECB Mario Dragrie – 1600 GMT ** New York – Executive Vice President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Richard Dzina speaks at Clearing House and the Bank Policy Institute's 2018 Annual Conference – 1830 GMT. London – England Executive Director Deposit Taker Supervision James Predman Kens Business School, London – offers speech in 1800 GMT.

VIENNA – Benichit Coer, a member of the ECB board, said at a conference on 'How to Finance Kohiomation in Europe', that the Australian Bank of National Bank – organized by 1230 GMT Brussels – President of European Central Bank, Mario Draggi, addressed the European Parliament on a regular hearing before the Committee on Economic and Financial Affairs – 1400 GMT London – England Bank Governor Mark Carney and Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspin's new book – 'Capitalism in America: A History' & # 39; – Greenspan and the Economist Political Editor Adrian Woolridge discussed 1830 GMT. Thursday, November 27 ** Athens – Greece's Governor Yannice Stornrass speaks at a conference on structural reforms during the country's financial crisis – 1000 GMT. ** New York – Richard Clearda Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve speaks at the Clearing House 2018 Annual Conference – 1330 GMT before "Data Dependence and U.S. Monetary Policy". ** Frankfurt, Germany – Germany by Bokenzitigung in Frankfurt, Germany – 1600 GMT – Verkectzsprech's keynote speech by Yves Mers, a member of the ECB board at "Nichhalgigd Ward Mainstream". ** PARIS – Executive Director of Bank Of England, Sarah Brenden, to oversee the international banks, participates in the Climate Finance Day – 0930 GMT Luxemburg – member of the ECB board Yves Merser speaks in Luxburg – 1600 GMT London – Bank of Canada's Banknotes and Director for Chief Cashier, Victoria's Clement Payment International, London – offers a speech at 1345 GMT. London – England's Bank Governor Mark Carle participates in online Q & A in the future of the money. Stockholm – Deputy Governor and Executive Board of Swedish Central Bank Cecilia Skingenly & # 39; Think for Cashless Society at SNS, Center for Business and Policy Studies & # 39; Will speak. 0700 GMT – Norwegian and Peter Englund's Executive Consultant John Lebez Leleja will be commenting on the speech.

New York – President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Charles Evans, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, President Raphael Bostic and President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Esther George will participate in the future of the payment panel before the financial innovation, economy, regulation and clearing house 2018. Annual Convention – 1930 GMT

Wednesday, November 28

** Frankfurt, Germany – In the Foreign Exchange Contact Group Meeting in Frankfurt, Germany, comments started by Benoit Coer, member of the ECB board – 1205 GMT. ** City of Luxembourg – President of the ECB Board Peter Preet Presided at the conference session II on "investment finance in Europe – the perfect system for growth" in a Conference on Investment, Technical Transformation and Skills Conference organized by EIB and ECB in Luxburg. 1520 GMT Luxemburg city – Vice President of the ECB Luis de Gimonde and Chief Economist Peter Preet speaks at a conference in Luxembourg – 1300 GMT London – 0700 GMT – Bank of England publishes financial stability report.

New York City – Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell speaks to New York Lancelian Economic Club in 1700 GMT in New York. Wellington – Reserve Bank of New Zealand Half-Yearly Financial Stability Report – 2000 GMT Highlights

Thursday, November 29 ** Washington DC – Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell favors the 15th Annual National College Fed Challenge Finals – 1330 GMT Students' Teams on the Federal Reserve Board. ** Madrid – To give early speeches on Spain's 25th anniversary of Moody's Investors Service – Governor of Spain's Bank of Spain Pablo Hernandez de Cos – 1900 GMT Frankfurt, Germany – Global Research Forum – ECB and U.S. Federal Reserve – The Global Research Forum jointly organized by 0800 GMT – International Macroeconomics and Finance – Welcome to ECB President Mario Dragrie. Milan, Italy – The ECB member of the Inspection Board speaks in a conference in Milan, Ignacio Angelo – 1315 GMT. OSLO – With the responsibility of Wealth Fund, the Norwegian Central Bank deputy governor, Azil Metsen, gives a speech about 0730 GMT – Fund. Washington D.C. – Treasury Office of Financial Research and the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, a 13-day GMT co-sponsor, two-day financial sustainability council in Washington. Fukuku, Japan – Japanese board member Takako Masai speaks to trade leaders in FukuCoca, South Japan and has a news conference – 0130 GMT. Boston – Cleveland Federal Reserve Bank Loretta Mester, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago President Charles Evans, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia Patrick Harker, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis President Neal Kashkari, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Eric Rosenberg and Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Robert Kपलan & # 39; Living City's Collaborative & # 39; – & # 39; Comprehensive Economic Development & # 39; hosted by 1900 GMT. Participate in the forum. OSLO – Norwegian Central Bank deputy governor Egil Matsne delivered a speech in Norge's Bank – 0800 GMT.

OSLO – Norway Central Bank Governor Oyster Olsen Nordia Wholesale Banking Announces Annual Dinner – 1730 GMT Speech Washington D.C. – US The Federal Reserve's Federal Open Market Committee will present its policy meeting of 7-8 November – 1900 GMT minutes.

Friday, November 30

** Speech by Yves Mers, member of the ECB board at the Rome – Tips launch event, jointly organized by the ECB in Banca di Italia and Frasski (Rome), Italy – 1000 GMT. ** Frankfurt, Germany – The member of the ECB board intervenes Benoit Coer Panel at the Global Research Forum: International Macroeconomics and Finance, jointly organized by the ECB, the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Frankfurt, Germany – 1245 GMT. ** Tokyo – Reports in the 7th Fintec Forums in Tokyo by Executive Director of Japan's Bank, Uichi Ekeda – 0500 GMT New York City – Federal Reserve Bank of New York – At the closed-door meeting of Thirty's Group of Thirty in New York, "The Global Economy: Future Downer Addressing" publishes the written comment of President William Williams's comment – 1400 GMT. Saturday, December 1st – Speech by Thomas Jordan, Chairman of the Swiss National Journal's Governing Board, "The importance of academic research and study for the success model of Switzerland", University of Bern – Dr. 0900 GMT Academics. Monday, December 3

** New York – New York's Federal Reserve Bank John Williams Treasury Market Conference – Welcome and initial commentary in 1415 GMT's Evolving Structure. ** New York – Federal Reserve Board governor Lol Brenard US Treasury Market Conference – speaks before 1530 GMT developed frameworks. ** Cambridge, England – Bank of England chief economist Andy Halden participates in the Annual Cambridge Public Policy Lecture – 1730 GMT. Brussels – Eurozone Finance Minister to hold a meeting with 1400 GMT – new powers for their bailout fund and deposit guarantee scheme – to discuss deep euro zone integration, including the euro zone budget. Stockholm – RKSBank Executive Board Meeting – 0800 GMT.

Thursday, December 4th ** London – Bank of England Insurance Inspection Executive Director David Rule will participate in the sixth annual Insurance Risk and Capital Council – 1355 GMT. ** Plummouth, England – Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee Member Garten Wiligge Southwest, Plymouth – During the regional visit to 1800 GMT, Playmouth Manufacturing Group gave a lecture in the annual Christmas lecture 2018. Brussels – Meeting of the European Union Finance Ministers – 0800 GMT

Venade, December 5

London – 20 November 2018 – Record of the meeting of the Financial Policy Committee on 0930 GMT Bank of England London – 0700 GMT – Before leaving the country's European Union, the Bank of England publishes a full evaluation of the health of British banks and comprehensive financial system. Washington D.C. – 1900 GMT – The Federal Reserve introduces the book's badge of economic status. Frankfort – ECB governing council meeting No Interest Rate Announcements scheduled. Negata, Japan – Deputy Governor of Japan Banker Masazumi Vaakabet – delivered a speech at the 0130 GMT meeting with business leaders. Washington DC – Chairman of the Federal Reserve Jerome Powell congressional Joint Economic Committee – 1515 GMT witnesses before the economic outlook.

Ottawa – Bank of Canada Key Interest Rate Declaration – 1500 GMT

Thursday, December 6

** London – England's executive director Andrew Hodger Finance for Live Markets: Live at FX London – 0845 GMT.

** New York – New York President and CEO John Williams's Federal Reserve Bank US Treasury Market Event – Speaks on the 2330 GMT developed framework. Toronto, Canada – Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Polos will give a speech on the central bank's interest rate decision on December 5. – 1335 GMT Atlanta, GA – Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta President Raphael Bostic speaks on the national view before Georgia Economic Outlook Event – 1715 GMT.

Frankfort – General Council meeting of the ECB. Toronto – Bank of Canada Governor Stephen S. Polos Marieot gave the last talk of the year at the 1300 GMT – CF Toronto Eton Center in downtown. Thursday, December 11th London – Bank of England publishes a record of the meeting of the Financial Policy Committee held on November 28, 2018 – 0930 GMT.

Thursday, December 13th Frankfort – The ECB's governing council has a meeting of monetary policy. Press conference follows the meeting. BERN – Monetary Policy Assessment with Swiss National Bank (SNB) News Conference – 0830 GMT

Stockholm – RKSBank Executive Board Meeting – 0800 GMT. OSLO – Norway Central Bank Announces Interest Rate – 0900 GMT OSLO – Norway Central Bank announced the announcement of the interest rate decision of the executive board and the press conference after publication of monetary policy – 0930 GMT. Wellington – The Reserve Bank of New Zealand will organize a conference focusing on financial markets and macro-economy, or the association between macro-finance for short (until Nov 14)

Monday, December 17 Stockholm – Ranksbank General Council Meeting – 1200 GMT

Wednesday, December 18 British – Member of the ECB Governing Council, Josef McCak, has a news conference – 1200 GMT.

Washington D.C. – US The Federal Reserve's Federal Open Market Committee (FOOM) starts its two-day meeting interest rate (until December 19). OSLO – Norwegian Central Bank Governor Oyestin Olson Regional Network in Oslo, Region offers a speech in the east. Wednesday, December 19th, Washington, D.C. – US Following the announcement of the Federal Reserve's Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC)'s decision on interest rates – 1900 GMT Washington DC – U.S. The Federal Reserve chairman has a news conference – 1930 GMT. Tokyo – Japan Bank Monetary Policy Meeting (December 20).

Stoklom – Ryssebank Executive Board Meeting, Financial Policy Seat Number 6 – 0800 GMT.

Thursday, December 20

Stockholm – Swedish Central Bank Announces Interest Rate Monetary Policy Report to be Published – 0830 GMT London – 1200 GMT – Bank of England publishes a summary and minutes of the meeting of the Monetary Policy Committee.

Friday, December 21

Philadelphia, United States – Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia for the & # 39; Non-Manufacturing Business Outlook Survey & # 39; રજૂ કરે છે – 1330 જીએમટી. ઓટ્ટાવા – કેનેડાની બેંક તેના વ્યવસાય આઉટલૂક રિપોર્ટને પ્રકાશિત કરશે, જે આશરે 100 કંપનીઓ – 1500 જીએમટીના સર્વેક્ષણ પર આધારિત છે.

ગુરુવાર, ડિસેમ્બર 25

ટોક્યો – જાપાનનો બેંક 30 ઑક્ટો અને 31 – 2350 જીએમટીના રોજ યોજાયેલી મોનેટરી પોલિસી સભાના મિનિટો પ્રકાશિત કરે છે.

ગુરુવાર, 27 ડિસેમ્બર

ટોક્યો – બેન્ક ઓફ જાપાન, બોર્ડના સભ્યોની 19-20 ડિસેમ્બરની બેઠકમાં 2350 જીએમટીમાં મંતવ્યોનો સારાંશ રજૂ કરશે. —————————————-

નોંધ: આ ડાયરીમાં વસ્તુઓનો સમાવેશ આવશ્યક અર્થ એ નથી કે રોઇટર્સ ઇવેન્ટના આધારે વાર્તા દાખલ કરશે. તકનીકી સમસ્યાઓ માટે, કૃપા કરીને અહીં થૉમ્સન રોઇટર્સ ગ્રાહક સપોર્ટ (TRCS) નો સંપર્ક કરો

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