Saturday , July 2 2022

Duet skincare is $ 2.5 million per day


An Oslo company with just 15 employees jumped into a "remembrance" day on $ 2.5 million this weekend.

Her husband and wife, Sina Richher and Pineat Charlie, produced two decades of white skin care products. From the garage in Bela Vista, Sydney, Sydney,

Today, the IEEE's dry skin creams are one of the most widely sold products in China's Alibaba e-commerce network. This is the first of 5 per cent of Australian manufactured brands.

This weekend's "Singles Day" shopping broke the record last year and bought and purchased $ 42 billion for 24 hours purchase.

"This is a milestone for us, 2.5 million dollars is better than singles day," said Sina and Pinie's son Jarda Chara, the company's chief business development officer.

The university of China, held in November, celebrated on 9th of November, as a jacket holidays, which became the sale of online retailers in 2009.

Black Friday, the Cyber ​​Monday remakes sales of the world's largest online shopping mall.

The singles day was offered more than 2000 local brands, and Australia is the third country behind Australia and the United States.

When the Chinese market was six years ago, the tune was 900 per cent. Demand requires a new factory. Last year, we sold 1.5 tube of Tuff hands in China or a tube of 20 seconds.

"It's an Australian proprietary, high quality and quality active ingredient, and I guess we are successful in China because our products are very different," he said.

"Many of the products that are sold to China are beautiful, our functionality is more functional, practical and resting in reality, and we'll be very effective in what we say."

Dua has gained immense popularity in China, and we buy our own goods and sell to customers through social media apps like WeChat.

"In the early days, they have taken all the quality products that Australia or people from New Zealand have taken over, and our success has come through the passage through the successful words – we have a strong follow-up," he said.

"We are known as dry skin care products in China We are number one in Alibaba and we have more than 1000 units in the healthcare sector in the top of China's domestic brand.

Washington Trade Minister Neal Blair said that hundreds of Australian products were sold through minutes. Local producers "can export the electric field in a moment."

"Our customers with our customers, reliable oscill products," Blair said.

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