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Elections in Ebola: Congo votes among the disease

Beni, Congo (AP) – What is the election campaign by handling potential voters? Congoese candidates are now looking for the second most terrible, inconvenient way in the history of Ebola spread.

Jarbi Mullaviya progresses as provincial deputy in north Kiwi, which is a breakthrough restless center. When it comes to communities, it is sad and it is not allowed to greet the traditional heads properly with a warm clasp of the hand.

"They take it as an insult," Muliwavyo told the Associated Press. In this election, he mused, "a real puzzle."

The current Ebola eruption is not the same as any other, and it promotes difficulties for the presidential election of the Congo on Sunday. Around 40 million voters in the Central African nation created a challenge for a long-delayed vote by a dozen rebel groups. Then Ebola, a malignant virus spread through contact with an infected body fluid, emerged in the part of eastern Congo, which had never been seen before.

Congo officials have expressed open concerns about the dangers of holding elections in crowded, high-mobile areas where health officials are fighting to control Ebola during rebellion. Nearly 550 cases have been reported so far.

Congo Election Commission Chairman Corneli Nanga told reporters earlier this month that "Imagine … there are number of voters and terrorists come with guns and shoot everyone."

In addition, some election workers will hesitate to appear, Nang said. "There are many dangers."

To make matters even more complicated, the Congo is using rarely in voting machines, Africa for the first time. Opponents and some observers warn that technology can be used to use the results. In the North Kivu armed coalition coalition government has instructed the government to stop using machines or to expect violence, and on Sunday, the Election Commission said that strangers tried to attack his warehouses in Beni.

Some of the people living in Ebola outbreak zone are more concerned because voters will choose candidates by tapping on the touchscreen.

"The Election Commission says that it will use polling machines which touches many people and are at risk of spreading Ebola," said Mohd. Wangi, 25, who said they live in Bay Area, where the rebels killed more than 1500 people. The last four years.

Among Ebola and attacks, many people of the community have already escaped, he said.

No one will know how many voters will appear in the voting area. Congo's ruling party will not be considered; There are many opposition sympathies in the far east.

The residents of other two, Kambal Mathumu, were less concerned. People are attending stage, churches and other gatherings and one day polling will not be affected, he said.

And yet. "I call on the Election Commission to keep pesticides and hand-washing stations because people touch voting machines," said Mathumo.

The deeper people in Ebola response say that they understand.

Dr. Marie-Rosellin Darnica Bellesier said that this magnitude has never been selected after the Ebola eruption, which handles responses to the Butuba city for the World Health Organization.

"This pestilis is the most challenging we have ever had. And with the elections in the middle, you can imagine," she said.

But there has been progress. All political parties have announced Ebola, which identify the risks. "Ebola does not know politics. Ebola is Ebola for everyone," Belizere said. "We have educated their voters. Our industrial numbers are in jail. Washing stations in meetings."

The United Nations Peacekeeping Mission says that it has used eight toned insecticides and hand sanitizers in all polling stations in Ebola outbreak zone, while its Force Intervention Brigade has 3,000 soldiers in armed forces for "disabling" and protecting health workers. .

The election day will be announced carefully. Belizeir said that to ensure that respondents are working with the authorities, the people who are admitted have been tested for fever. "After two hours of people having fever, we have to make a decision. If they are okay, they can go back and vote."

Belizere is in Ebola workers, who have negotiated with rebel groups to reach "Red Zones", where insecurity is high. It takes patience and faith with extraordinary measures. It is safe to leave if a security agent evaluates every morning. Congoaz's safety forces or the UN in Escorts Can maintain peace. Belizere has a protective gear that it should be able to put within 30 seconds.

Most important and the most frustrating for candidates in the final days of the campaign, there is no-touch policy, which means 2 meters (6 feet) away.

Some residents, including Ebola outbreaks, have been shocked by the attacks and precautions of outsiders, however visitors have not been welcomed anyway.

When the presidential candidate of Congo's most famous opposition party Felix Tishekseed arrived at the beginning of this month, people began singing abusive songs and slinging gravels at his rally, which broke the incident.

Tsecseedi later told the AP that if he wins the election, he will ensure that the military base is established to make the rebels track and neutral.

"We came to sympathize with casualties and victims of Ebola," he said. "We ask them to trust."


Associated Press Writers Karli Pettesh contributed to Dakar, Senegal and Kara Anna in Johannesburg.


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