Saturday , April 1 2023

Federal Reserve slashes interest rates


Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Richard Claude said that net neutral dollar had gained from last week. The future price hike will be associated with a policy near a neutral approach.

Friday night's 68.30 cents reached Friday night's 68.30 cents. In New York Friday night it was at 68.76 cents. In the previous week, Asia's rise was 68.23 cents. The company had a net profit of 74.71 in the previous week.

Claireda told CNBC that the future growth rate of federal fund will be between 2 to 2.25 percent of neutral financial data. The US dollar's value fell 0.5 per cent. Ended 96.43. The newly-established Vice-Chairman said. If the federal track for higher interest rates is greater than the year, the US bond gain has also been raised.

The Bank of New Zealand's senior market tycoon, Jaison Wong, said in a note that "The US market and US dollars are likely to be lower.

On the other hand, the tensions between the US and China continued. Kiwi's first support was Friday's optimism by US President Donald Trumpi. However, Opposition meeting in the APP meeting in Papua New Guinea opposes Mike Penns and the Chinese President C Jinping.

The perspective of Kiwi dollars all over the year reveals how the US-China trade talks stand.

"If tariff measures are effective from January 1, NSD reverse courses are easy to see," he said. "Still, the ceasefire will support NZD."

In today's local information BNZ of service index includes the New Zealand performance of the business.

The previous record of 93.78 cents rose 93.71 cents from 77.22 yuan to 77.23 yuan in the previous week. Last week's 4.737 Chinese yuan was 4.7662 yuan.

In the previous week, 53.41 cents rose from 60.16 cents to £ 60.09.

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