Tuesday , February 7 2023

Foot is now a new ping system


PlayerAgency Battles Players will now take a more easy time talking to each other due to the introduction of a new ping system, which identifies developers as "radio messages". These pings have general messages that tell others when they are seen by the enemy, whether someone needs help or supplies and other basic commands and instructions. This feature speaks to a simpler process without any voice calls and is now in the game as part of the update of PC platform # 30.

It's not like a system Top Legends Start with and one of those Fortnight Found later, so it's not too surprising Publishers Find similar feature. Radio messages are used Publishers Either by holding the mouse wheel or choosing F3, and there are various pings you can select from the menu.

"Playing patch notes makes it difficult to establish a team-based strategy by playing with players from different fields in random duo or squared matches or with no access to voice chats by close contact between team members," patch notes read. "To solve this problem, we are introducing text-based radio messages that will help you communicate faster and easier with your team for a successful Strategic Gameplay."

To see everything made up of radio messages, you can visit patch notes by the link above. Players can ping things like care packages or direct the movement of their teammates, and some pings can change their message based on how far away Ping's target is. As you can Top LegendsYou can ping that you need emo, which will trigger the message based on what type of weapon you are equipped at that time.

In the same update, the new lodge also adds a grabbing feature, the second development Publishers Increasing Mobility Mechanics Having spent some time on testing servers to try Players, this feature now lives in the PC version of the game so players allow it to reach those areas before they were incompatible.

Publishers Update # 30 with its Ping system, LEGG GRABS, and more are now live on the PC platform.


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