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Hitman 2 review: Immediate execution


This is not usually a reason for celebration, but rather Hitman 2 The rare gossip. The development is not repeatedly rebooted in the episode reboot of IOA interactive, and is a failure with Publisher Square Enrix after expected sales. But IO Van der Bros Entertainment has acquired a part of the rights, two years after it was the most refined, elaborate and enjoyable Hit man Date title. The disturbing paradise offers dozens of hours of trial and uring entertainment in the giant surroundings. You can all have the same high-reliability graphics and underwriting engine.

I will be a minority of players who actually love the episode character of 2016 Hit man. That game was at six stages, and each month had reached a faster pace, so I drowned myself in a new map without a dissection. Hitman 2 Not episode. In fact, you can play on any platform in any order, and do not give you a small spider warning. In addition, the two games were similar to a similar menu layout and challenging structure.

The original dividers are in areas. Hitman 2 Introduces six new environments, explore them, each has its own signature hook. In Miami, Agent 47 has been assigned a billionaire tech CEO and racinger driver daughter among a real race. In Mumbai, you can take all your goals and help a murderer when you see him as an outstanding expert in art, actually you are basing his success. Vermont is a fingerprint in classics Hitman: Blair Mani& # 39; A New Life & # 39; Mission, you are largely protected by the office buildings and luxury private parties in order to get your rich goal to the QuadNational Nukes of the Northeast subcontinent.

Picture: IO interactive

This is not a game you play for the story. Agent 47, and handler of his Handlawn ICA Cousin Organization, handles his handler in a brilliant fashion between two shady groups heading the world at Bond Esc. Villagers have an information about Agent 47's past, a long-established serial master.

Though abundant plots can not win any prizes, IO is a good job of creating back stories for your personal goals. The writings are almost entirely perfectly balanced with personal writers, middle ages, artificial intelligence, and the real world concerns. All of the small conversations carefully crafted from characters that are not playable are all the more fun. There are many Easter eggs that go back to pre-missions before world events and pop culture, if you are willing to spend some time as a wolf, using the characters to script.

Although it's just window dressing. Hitman 2 Murder is a game, the most transparent murderer simulator of the IO game industry, to cater to the wings, final destination. Hit man It's great when it's separated from the screen on the screen and gives you an experience similar to an absurdist toy. This story continues.

Traditional and more brutal touchs are respectful of the roots of the franchise. Naturally, "Piano Man" uses a commonly guided approach to people with lines of high-carbon steel that is characterized by the challenge. It's always worrying to see it. Challenges are considered "classics" in accomplishing more games than the game, just as your goals are limited to a sniper rifle, or the whole mission in your signature suite.

You can play those goals in mind Hit man There is a lot of work with shortage and speedrenar reaching out to meet these challenges through efficient and computational methods. But Hitman 2, The episode recovered four years after the reboot of the episode, reckoning the nonsense and Vinaya pooja. Always reward regular experiments with new dozen different challenges, speed and skill.

Picture: IO interactive

For example, in the introduction of the games, I was excited at the Miami Level and Mission Stories, and the redesigned version of the Games's "Opportunities" feature of 2016 essentially handed you through a more complicated killing to help you relax. This happened to be tested by an autonomous robot prototype by the Tech Executive Robert Nax. A man who thinks he is willing to stand alongside a test tutor is a man named Robert Knox.

The Knox Story got me a story, but I can not tell what to do after that. I discovered how to rob a knock to turn Knox's participation into a serious mistake. Thanks, a copy The belly At the second floor reception area, Knox's designed magazine was meant to identify the robot's face identification system as an enmity. Technicians criticized another "crash". But when I started to escape, my cover fell when an accidental hit extra points for the killing.

Each in this way Hit man 2 It is a natural flow. You are rapidly rushing into the residence of the environments and hundreds of NPs. When you explore the map, you want to follow when you meet a task story that stands in front of you. Those missions are very low results, but they help you learn how your goals are moving, their main paths, the stories and the ways in which you can improve. For example, one of the racing cars you experience to draw Knox from the robot performance brings you the next target with your targeted goal of an active black giant engine.

Seek the challenge of drowning your goal in the toilet, drink tea from their teapot, And Do you do it all while wearing dirty wings? By completing a mission story, you will see your goal reflecting a drink by itself, in the second playhouse, you can wait for the exact break. (Your targets Hit man Always thirsty.) Raise enough challenges to each map and upgrade your "master" level 1 to level 20 and start wishing the most appropriate place with your weapon you have already chosen. .

It is clear that this is strictly moving towards the end of the article. If something unexpected happens – and, then Hit man, Something unexpected every time Occurs – Please reload and try again. Hitman 2 Now more efficient savings, reloading, auto save, and manual saving menu can be easily understood. If so, you're putting in strategic steps in a mission to make a strategic experiment, then come back and try another. Or if you do not dress up properly, especially if you try to abuse it, you will get clean cleaning again.

Save system is not too complex, say, 2 nos, Also working on a fast, fast, fast, and fast, stable counter to verify that you are working faster. But Hitman 2 This is more than the predecessor. IO The tailoring system requires its ordinary fans to enjoy playing the game without having to compromise.

Picture: IO interactive

You can use the guns indiscriminately, capture the attention of a small army of NPC soldiers, or you can take away the entire staff from the shaded dirty shadow. The only way you can actually impose a heavy assault or blast is a subtitle rating from a final score of five stars. Score Leaderboard is exaggerated for the glorious rights; IOA agrees that most people will complete stealing challenges and improve their hegemony, which allows you to make more creative murders until you remove every light and move to the next level.

The core is the type of tireless tests Hit man. After spending a couple of hours in a single column, you will begin to understand all the systems in the games, the complex behavior and consequence of character behavior and the complexity and effect of all actions. The IO's continuing experience of players is a wonderful job to serve this trick, new dimensions, new, and more creative situations and murders that help you repeat the same level over and over again.

Like 2016 Hit manIf you're a special deadly with hardest challenge under intense limitations then you have the crowdsourced contracts to complete. IO, an incredible "Blackheart" contract is bringing back, the actor is a single mission structure that launches this weekend with Scene Been. A new multiplayer feature will allow you to compete as a first player to participate in a "ghost mode". IOS will be a job in progress as this week goes live, the Miami Lounge supports other levels and has more features below the line.

For players who want to get the content as fast as possible, the IO will see the first two developments in the next few years. For everyone, enjoy the game in the best and slowest way. This may be episodic Hitman 2 A game full of unlocking challenges, from now on, I'm still looking forward to new ways to kill this month.

Hitman 2 Available on PS4, Xbox, and PC today.

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