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Huawei's MacBook X Pro MacBook demands people


Where I'm covering myself 10,000 miles away from a foreign country (I do not speak the language), I have a trade show covering myself, and I understand that the power supply in my XPS 13 has broken. This is a tragedy. My laptop is my lifeblood. I want to write stories, edit photos, and collaborate with the team back home. In addition, I'm really rubbish. The worst thing is the last generation without support for charging XPS USB, so Spain did not change the Dell because it did not replace it (try me).

This post was first published on April 3, 2018.

But I remember, if I look at my lap topti backgammon from fear 68 to 67 percent, there is a solution. In my bag, I was putting a review unit for the new MacBook X Pro for the latest laptop of Hawkeye. Well, the time for the real test through fire.

Wonders! Huawei's MacBook X Pro Just Hit Australia (It's On Saleus)

We've been missing this time at Gizmodo for some time in the MatBuk X Pro in Australia. If we take into account one of the best laptops of 2018, we want to test it. I was disturbed by the hawya in a few months ago.

Ok, it's amazing! Huey, like an NVD in Australia, simply rejected it. Here's how you can get it.

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While smartphones are most familiar with, Huaai has been growing slowly in laptops and tablets over the past few years. With its first big success story, MateBook X took a template from 12 millimeters to 12 inch MacBook (or bought a borrower) solved a number of issues. The 13-inch MacBook Pro Made for MacBook X Pro is a big difference. What do you know Huawei has succeeded completely because it seems that Huawei has an answer due to all the flaws of Apple's leading laptops.

Like Apple, Huawei starts with a solid aluminum body, and then adds powerful speakers, a large one-step trackpad on the bottom, and the professional power button on the top right, or a fingerprint read combo. Later on, there is a backlit keyboard of the MacBook X Pro. With a little bit less on the deepest side, the key features of the keyboard on your MacBooks are very high quality and weighing on the keyboard.

There are two USB-Ports (one in Thunderbird 3 supported), a USB 3 Type-A port and a Huawei. So you have life is dongle free. On the X Pro Huawei includes a free MateDock 2 (hardware includes an additional USB-A, USB-C, HDMI, VGA ports) and Huawei I really liked it if the X Pro did not detect an SD card slot. Fear all the concerns about connectivity.

Although the similarities between X Pro and MBP are essential, this is very handsome.

Once you're done with the design of X Pro, the next big thing that your eyes will attract is its best screen. The 485 is not just super bright in the nit, but also the most soft bezels in it Any The laptop is now out. I'm not talking about the top and sides of the skinny margins, the X Pro's shine is equally bright and the 91-percent screen-to-root ratio. This is even better than a good XPS 13 (80.7 percent) and Galaxy S9 (83.6 percent). Every three days from now, I do not want to go back to simple laptop screens.

The X Pro display is very good.

Huawei had a large screen, so you can get 13.9-inch 3000 x 2000 touchscreen and 13.3-inch competitiveness. In that resolution, the seriousness of the screen is the good color reproduction, the pictures and the films that you see is well popped.

Huawei X Pro is set to hide its webcam. At the top of the screen or at the top of the screen, Huawei hits a webcam inside its keys and smack dub in the middle of the function line. This is remarkable when the keyboard's backlit is on, because it's the only key that's not bright. From the window, you usually forget about it, and if you do not use it, you need to make a webcam. Another bonus effect on the webcam is that it can not be hacked when you point out that it points to the system pipe, and you are likely to spy on anonymously.

The webcam's perspective is not compatible, but if you do not video chat with people in person, the webcat disappears is a good place to go.

Now when you die Mac, X Pro is not running a Macros may be a dealer breaker. But Apple is not an Apple user that is not licensed by the operating system, and I think he wanted to unveil Huawei. I'm not really worried about Huawei doing a good thing when working with Microsoft to install the Windows 10 Pro Signature Edition on the MacBook X Pro. There is no fall or bullet.

On the one side there are two USB-C ports on the right with the headset jack, the one on the other additional USB-A port.

For specs, the X Pro has a 8-Gen Intel Core i5 or i7 CPU, up to 16GB of RAM, 512GB of SSD storage, and an Nvidia MX 150 GPU if you want to have enough oomph thanks. Compared to competitively upgraded XPS 13 and LG G15, our fully loaded X Pro review unit is a browser of web standard performance, and Geekbench 4. You can not say the same about X Pro's graphics performance, its MX 150 standard integrated graphics is a step Also, to build the game A. Searchable.

The fingerprint reader made to the power button allows you to sign in to Windows with a touch on X Pro.

The X Pro's battery life is very beautiful, which lasts for 11 hours and 7 minutes on our standard tune town. Great systems like Dell's XPS 13 and 15-inch LG Gg are 9:28 and 10:39 respectively.

By default in a little smaller reply, the SS version of X Pro is formatted into two partitions: a small 80GB segment and a larger 380GB division. Because there is only one physical drive, so the system is stored in two stages without real reason. That's a very small subject.

In fact, trying to find MateBook X Pro's mistakes is not easy. It is better for you to see how insignificant you are that Huawi has copied the Apple formula in the most important ways in that template.

If this system is used daily for one day, it's not clear that I am a daily driver I use. It's a bit strange to say: What do you call a laptop that looks like a MacBook Pro, but is this really much better? I guess this will be a matumb book.

EDITORS NOTE: Today we have the Australian pricing and the date of the MatBuk X Pro, which is November 22, 2018.

I will start with $ 1,899 for the I5 / 8GB / 256GB model, $$ 2,599 for the i7 / 16GB / 512GB model. However, at the time of the authenticity of the Microsoft store, the two models were actually pre-order sales price.


  • The MacBook X Pro is the smallest of any laptop in the 3000 x 2000 screen market.

  • When the hidden webcam is not in the right position, it's good to get you from an XPS13. This is hell itself.

  • Optional NVIDIA GeForce MX150 is not a full gaming grade GPU, but it's a great gift for people who need few extra graphics power.

  • There are only two USB-ports and a USB-A port, but an SD card reader is good.

  • The MacBook X Pro in the US will be installed on the Windows 10 Pro Signature Edition and a free dock.

  • Battery life is good, though it has a brighter and stronger specs.

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Windows 10 Pro Signature Edition 13-9 inch 3000 x 2000 resolution Touchscreen Intel Core 07-8550 User Sim Memory RAM 16GB RAM 512 GB SSD Nvidia GeForce MPX 150 Wifi 2GB virus print reader power button 2X USB -C (supports Thunderbird 3) ) • 1x USB 3 Type AAC 3.5mm audio jack 802.11m Wi-bm Bluetooth 4.1 • 1 MP webcam 57.4 battery

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