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Kiki D: It was like working with Elton John


Elton John and singer Kiki D in 1978.

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Elton John and singer Kiki D in 1978.

Paki Everest is in a conversation with Kiki D, who is known for the duet with Elton John, because she is ready for the Australian tour.

I'll call you "Daddy's Girl". I was emotionally attached to my father Fred as a young girl and she was a big part of my life.

The yard was a man working from Yorkshire. He did not have many opportunities in his life, so when he recognized my talent, he really helped me to move forward. In one stage, the father is not a kind of way, he just believes in me. I might not be that if he is not for his support I am.

Kiki D. visits Australia from July 18 to August 25.

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Kiki D. visits Australia from July 18 to August 25.

My Big Brother David, There were many Elvis records on Vineil, and it was my first real introduction to music during the & # 39; 50s. David is seven years older than me and it was a bit of a rock & # 39; orrawler. We are still close, because I am with my sister, Betty, who is two years older than me.

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I discovered that I can sing five years of age And I remember when I was asked to visit my parents' friends. I auditioned for a record company in London at the age of 16. Later on I became the first British female singer to sign Tamla Large Label.

I first met Elton [John] When I was called "Rock Star Flat" in London. Her mother brought Neil Young along, so she was pretty weird.

My first impression of Elton was that he was very happy. That night, I managed to break down some bubbly glasses in his kitchen, which he thought was ridiculous. He has a wonderful sense of humor and he is very intelligent – super sharp

First time Alton noticed Do not break my heart, He sang my part in a very loud voice. It's ridiculous – I really wish I have a copy! From there, it eventually developed into a couple.

Like many things in lifeThe content that is most successful is not necessarily the one you are most connected to. It was great fun to sing, but I did not think it was a great part of the music, just a pop record.

I'm two weeks older than Elton, Which I do not forget them! I do not see them so much this day – we are like a cousin who rarely sees each other. But whenever we do, we are returning to our friendship. His life is so extraordinary, when my mine is now slightly larger than the Earth.

I have never married And people always ask me about it. Well, it did not come out that way for me. I have had so many good relationships, in which Davy Johnston, one of Elton's guitarists, was the most serious, which I had written in the mid-70s for years. It was a big part of my life and we are very good friends of this day.

I did not have children. I worship children, but I was never a woman who was ready for a baby. When I was 39 years old, I was diagnosed at the initial stage of uterine cancer, which was definitely the end of the window for me. Once I became ill, I survived and the treatment left me infertility.

My professional relationships with men, As I have with my music partner, Carmelo Lugeri, that distance has gone. I'm a little unusual.

I really do not want to look back. I am grateful for the experiences I am having, but I have not lived in the past. Everyday of my life something new and interesting, so I continue to move forward. That's what I try to do in my music too.

I'm kidding. You can say that now I am a different person, I am grown up. I see myself as a singer, not as a pop star, which I like. & # 39; It was about to get hit in the 70's, when there is no pressure now. I love freedom and I like to sing.

Until I can, I will try to singAnd enjoy as much as possible.

A dense evening with Kiki D. and Carmelo Lugeri travels from 18 July to 25 August of Australia.

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