Monday , July 26 2021

Mike Hosking: Is this checkdad flag for Brendan Hartley's Formula 1 career?


So two hours ago, Brendan Hartley's Formula 1 career could come at a conclusion.

Hopefully it did not happen, at this weekend, critics have suggested that the decision has not been taken. If it's over, I'll do it for this game.

I did not like it before, and actually saw it because of the New Zealand connection. I watched every race, almost every qualifying session and most of the rules.

You can see why it's impressive, if you have time and longing and want to immerse yourself in detail, then it's an amazingly complex type of event. Technology is essential, skill is essential, it's something else in the game.

But it is also wrongly convicted. There are cars and teams that will never win. Drivers that do not have the opportunity, it must be a fantastic experience. And Brendon has been one of those where you arrive at the end of each week, if you've made it brighter in the 10th century.

There are many rules, many are fine – many penalties for rules which do not have any meaning. But, for now, due to the culmination of the game and one of the 20 drivers, Hartley has been placed on the map.

Whether you're a Formula 1 driver here, it's a small brain domain and no one can ever take it out of you.

Many people who argue that bring us, the future of this kind of racing: Formula E for Electric. E. For electric and in this form of the game we are also present through Mitch Evans, and New Zealand has got the right to host one. Race

Formula One is the reason for moving forward on Formula 1 because manufacturers themselves are putting themselves on top of themselves, leading to developmental development by MotorSport, which goes in regular cars – and there is no major development in modern motorcycles than electricity.

Gross hosting in a rising series that will take Formula 1 in future years, I think there is no-brainer. New Zealand has boxed its weight in Motorsport for a long time – 110,000 for superars back in the last weekend.

We know from Rugby World Cup and Masters Games and American Cups that if you make it, it will come. So why do not we just get to a big international sporting event, but not an event that brings millions of millions of programs broadcasting the latest technology around the technology and environment.

In most of these matters, the government needs to cough up and go back. Why not? They gave $ 40 million on Friday on Friday. Why not get 14 million dollars for a motor race. It seems to be a golden opportunity that we should not be stupid.

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