Sunday , May 22 2022

New Zealand defender Hannah McKay-Wright threatens to exit the World Cup after their own goal


Hannah Mackay-Wright falls to the ground with blame.

Middle-back thought that after he scored his goal in the quarterfinals against Japan, New Zealand made it to the FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup semifinals.

Do not know where he knows it

"When that happened, I always sat on the ground for what I felt like. I thought, 'I've only done this stuff for the whole nation.' She said I felt very bad," she said.

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Goalkeeper Anna Late, who was the scorer of the match-winning penalty in the shootout, went on to give some words to encourage his partner.

"Anna came and grabbed me and said, 'Come on, go up'.

When Mackay-Wright returned to block Kokoshito's shot, and the ball turned into its own goal, the ball became confused with his feet.

At the age of 17, her unfortunate error has been seen numerous times, but she can not actually do how she is able to do it.

Hannah McKay-Wright relief after successful successful penalty jumped into Anna's arms.

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Hannah McKay-Wright relief after successful successful penalty jumped into Anna's arms.

"I did not even know what happened, I got it in my foot and I thought I was popping it out but it just got to fall and I started and put it on the side of the goal. We have seen it many times, but we have won because it has been very easy. All the girls give me a joke but now I am good about that. "

McKay-Rait was seen nervous during the shootout, but when he hit a semi-finals in the lower right to send New Zealand to the semifinals in the semifinals, he was able to breathe a little bit easier. Now he will play in European champions Spain on Thursday (nz).

"I was very happy that even Anna won it for us because she has always received my back. I feel that when I accepted the goal she dropped her down but she was able to save us and it was just amazing".

"I have never played with the goalkeeper who has different skills, she is always talking to me, and when I'm dying in the field, I like it, I have so much faith in her, behind me, the fifth, We love only, and we can trust each other when we need it. "

Much better after a 4-3 victory, Mike-Wright reached the road to celebrate with his family, who traveled to play in Nureşan and Auckland from Uruguay.

"I went to my brother and said & quot; I do not believe that I have made my own goal. 'But he said that at least I followed the chase and I was there, otherwise he would run anyway.

"It felt so good that they saw it positive, that's pretty cool here and just every time and then I'm going out with them for a day. They are always there and whenever I look at them they are very Supports and gives me lots of love. "

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