Tuesday , March 2 2021

News – CTV Engineer's inquiry is responsible for the building

CTV The government will try to suggest the new engine professional engineering body to resume the civil engineer's investigation into the building.

The death toll in the Christchurch Richter scale in 2011 killed 115 people.

The design of the building is owned by engineer Alin Rai.

In December 2012, the Institute of Industrial Reforms and Empowered (Chief Engineer) of the Institute of Professional Engg. Rayi and CTV Complaint regarding the design and construction of the building.

Dr Reay was a member of IPENZ but resigned in February 2014.

Since then, IPENZ has decided not to take any disciplinary action against it, as it felt that there was no jurisdiction to handle a former member.

The decision of the High Court on September 26, 2013, was the decision of the engineer David Harding, who was involved in the design of the CTV building, and even a member has resigned, he said, adding that a verdict on investigations and disciplinary action would continue.

In March 2015, MBI asked for a judicial review of the decision not to investigate Dr. Rei.

The collapse of the building, one of New Zealand's worst engineering failures.

The fault of the building is owing to the removal of those who are responsible for design and to recruit all possible lessons from the engineering professional to minimize their future dangers and remember those who lost their lives, "he said.

"After we resign from IPENZ, we believe we are wrong about the decision to discontinue Dr. Allan Rai."

The CTV Family's group withdrew the move and the High Court addressed it and asked that if they had resigned, one of their members should control a building professional in disciplinary discipline.

Wellington will have three days to review.

The MBA advised group of upcoming review in a letter.

"If the High Court addresses it as a New Zealand Building Regulator and resigns, then we expect the members to control professionals in a building in order to discipline any of their members."

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