Tuesday , February 7 2023

Pokemon is no longer a game of funk, but the number one priority, the developer says


Depending on the one series it is never good, unless it is a category Call of Duty, FIFA, Or Pokemon. Japanese developer Game Freak came out since 1989 and since 1996 – when it was released Pokemon red And Blue – It has been almost completely published Pokemon Games. And it's been good for the studio. It has been said that it is giving more priority to new sports, and besides giving priority to new game projects Pokemon At this point, according to a developer. Speaking to VGC, the game freak programmer and director Masikeki Onu announced that the studio has two production teams: one for Pokemon And one for new plans This allows the team to take a break from the Nintendo series, but it is becoming a big and big focus for Japanese studios.

In addition Pokemon Team, ONU has stated that Freak has a "Gear Project" team, which has recently produced Giga Racker And it also works Town (Executive Title).

Onoue said "Here are two separate production teams, just named Product Team 1 and Product Team 2." Team 1 is fully dedicated to the gear project, while the team is for 2 Pokemon Operations This means that the company favors the game freak gear project as the company, which is more than the product team number one Pokemon generally. We always try to create something that is as exciting or more attractive as possible Pokemon.

According to Onu, there is a lot ahead and front between the two teams. The director and designer also pointed out that "Team 1" is slightly more varied in terms of what it can do, because it works on hardware that is not only Nintendo hardware. And with its voices, this development approach makes the game freak better.

"When you're working on a programmer Pokemon, You're one of many programmers. However, as a Director on GIGA Records, my eyes were exposed to other aspects of the game's development with experience, all the way up to the users playing this game, "Onu said." Programmer has a kind of perspective, it is really hard to expect, but as a director I To make players more attractive and accessible, learn how to create aspects of marketing.

Onue continued:

"The gear project has helped me become more creative. I have just seen the entire process of creation and marketing of all the games in the game. I can now bring it back. Pokemon Try to make something different for the team and Pokemon. Gear project and there is a good in-between Pokemon Creation "


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