Wednesday , December 1 2021

Prince Charles's 70th birthday


Wednesday is like 70 years old, when most of us faced retirement – Prince Charles's job continues.

Whenever you receive a carrier clock and retirement party, wait patiently with your whole life to share with you that there is no point in your case. You will be repeated more frequently at Human Resources in Becky at 4 pm on Friday evening just a few weeks before Christmas 2018.

In fact, the royal family is probably the only one in the world where you have a job – that's why you should not give up.

But for Charles, Becky does not have a hecky, he will have the minimum wage, and the employer's referral will be taken out.

No, as long as Charlton does like, he can produce his Cornwallwall Cafferer, his business card and finally his King Card.

I cry; Charles does not want to look for the big capitalist. She gets the best job, even when she's around my mouse, she's dying (or frustrated) or abandoning him (at last).

In the documentary Prince, Son, and Higher: Charles 70The director of the movie John Bridget, who is broadcasting in the UK this week, said Charles is sitting in the door as king. When he was crowned, he realized that campaigns on architecture and environmentalism should be stopped.

media_cameraPrince Charles has said that he will end the campaign on issues such as environmentalism and architecture. Picture: Pio Utoomi AKP / AP

"If you are a prince or a heir, you should not be a sovereign," said Charles. "But anyway, I'm going to go the same way if I succeed, because two or two situations are quite different."

The biggest heir to British history is Charles, who spent 66 years. George III, his father George George III went to the port and not only 57 years of waiting, but also as Principal Regent, George IV. When some deputy knows what their head is mad, the sad madman is busy and can not relax.

Meanwhile, when Charles tries to move it forward, his body is slow to slow down. Yes, he has windsor-type Ayurvedic genes, so if he is a 70-year-old, he's going to cherry and want to lie down in a dirt pole.

He's not going to work with a rival royal family laid out in a huff. He did not even apply for a job.

I'm surprised if there are performance reviews with the Queen. "Where are you watching for five years?"

"Here, wait, wait, mom."

Madge sells KPIs aimed at improving customer interaction, sample shifts and bonus schemes.

However, when she asks her biggest expertise, he knows the "patiently" answer.


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