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RT documentary refuses Russia's top HIV (Video) – RT takes on World News


The spread of HIV / AIDS in Russia is often called epidemic, but the fight against the disease is a strange enemy: denialists who say that they are all fraud. They are not just bloggers and celebrities, but also influential medical people.

Human Immunodeficiency Virus is for the first time in the US And was discovered in France in 1983. As the news headlines announced a deadly search, their refusal to follow soon. Since then, nearly four decades have passed, but they are still strong in Russia and abroad.

"HIV / AIDS was a big thing that attracted global attention … and people tried to find conspiracies behind it – many people believe that US moon landing is a creation and fake footage has been made in Hollywood. , " HIV positive journalist Anton Crosowski & # 39; Epidemic & # 39; Said that he had shot a new documentary film for RTD.

But also on
Third patient treated HIV in unimaginable clinical success

There are about 1 million people with HIV in Russia, who are 86 thousand of their illness in 2018. Although the figures of 2018 show a slight decrease compared to the previous years, scientists and experts are still in the situation "Pestilence."

In Episode 1, Crasvoski and his film crew traveled to the Irkutsk region, where more than 1.6 percent of the population was infected. Region & # 39; Generalized Epidemic & # 39; Despite this, Irkutsk is one of the country's most vocal HIV detectors, former pathologist Vladimir Edgey.

Yugeway, who led the pathology department at the local medical university, has written a number of books and has made many TV appearances, which insists that HIV. V is there "All the False" Discovered by pharmaceutical corporations to get profits

"I tell you, you are not infected, you are not sick" When Eugene opened his position, Esev assured Kerisovsky. Deleting mountains of scientific research supporting the existence of HIV / AIDS calls for inventive research "Manipulated," Doctors "Basically the Nazis," And claimed that European scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize for invention of the virus "Crooks."

A meeting with Karsvsky in a darkened pool hall, became angry when the era pressed her in-charge, and insisted that there was another reason for journalist's illness. "You're just hiding something," When her HIV was diagnosed, Croswelli told them that they had bills except for a health health bill.

"I am working as a therapist. People call me, come to talk to me all … and they are all alive," Former pathologist continued, added adding that malignant cases of HIV / AIDS do not occur due to the disease, but it is done by conventional therapy.

There are other distinguished actions with Yugavay and medical diplomas "A real problem," Yulia Plonicova, chief doctor of the elkusk AIDS center, said.

"It is an obstacle that can overcome our efforts to work with patients. We have seen many tragedies, such as the death of a child or the death of a woman," She added that it is almost sometimes impossible for people to start treating people. By increasing its frustration, Plotnikova saw herself, the educated allies adopted the exception.

"It is very bad when it is popular with HIV / AIDS in medical professionals" She said. "If medical university professors say that HIV does not exist, their voices can be heard."

Head of the AIDS Center Foundation, Croswelli also spoke to Maria Petrava, a former HIV inventor, who has now completely abandoned her old beliefs. Her husband is buried in a cemetery, Petroova is remembered every day on the outcome of the disease.

Patro's late husband, drug addicts refused treatment. When Petrovia caught this disease from her husband, she initially refused to take medical help, accepted HIV "Big Danger of the 21st Century."

"He just thought that he was wrong and he had no disease," She said. "He has ruined me, he has destroyed my life, I have no family, I do not have anything; I am afraid of making something."

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