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School bailouts may cause students to fail, says headmaster 1 news


An Oakland Secondary School headmaster says that prohibiting pupil at primary school level affects students.

The Silverdale School and Stella Maris on the hubistus shore premature schools dropped their last prize annually because they do not want to bother the kids who do not want to lose.

Cameron Locky, Principal of Silvildei Primary School argued that children should succeed.

In the nearby Celma Steile Maris Primary, they began to end the end of the year.

Principal Alan Wattes said that it was not given to children by children, especially to other children.

"I think we're going to work instead of good reward, I do not think kids are," I said every year, every round of the medal, "he said.

Secondary school Oakland Grammar is a reputation for their competitive environment. Classes streamed based on academic achievements studied in A class.

Headmaster Tim O'Connor did not apologize to the students for their annual prize winning passage, and he was not happy at the place of Silverwood schools.

"We describe such behavior politically correctly, and indeed the student from elementary and secondary schools should really damage the roads.

"The reality is that your school winners and losers may be lost but there is no life."

The Auckland School has been blamed by helicopter parents after the school in Auckland to increase self-motivation and rank away from rankings.
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Clinical psychologist Catherine Galogur also intends to protect children, and the possibility of doing wrong to schools.

"It is essential for children to deal with faults, in fact in realizing life and learning," Hu, it does not work, I have to try some more or just approach a different approach, "she said.

"If we are too busy to experience the failure of our children, we're disassembling them."

At the same time, they said, people's selfishness and valuables should not be associated with valuable gifts.

She was one of those classmates who stood in her psychiatric work, rather than someone who was acceptable in their lives.

"Many young men coming to my house realize I do not feel failure and do not know what to do with it."

However, Jenny Posite, from the Massey University Institute of Education, said. The Principal Conference to win prizes is "brave".

The prizes for the awards were positive – a simple and transparent process for the award – it would be very hard for the children who lost them.

"If this is done well, realize why society is involved in the decision; [they] Adopt useful and accessible information about their children's progress; They recognize different forces and personality; There is no problem then. "

– Maxin Jacobs, Mathew Terusisson

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