Friday , June 18 2021

Soumya was arrested by police and thanked David Schwimmer

FRIENDS ROSE GILLER The police appeal of a robust match a robber went viral last week – now Lancashire Police arrested the arrest.

There is an update after an appeal, like a well-known actor, "the police said in the statement.

A black pistol restaurant was caught in a credit-stolen camera. The police is now sharing a picture from CCTV with David Schwimmer & # 39;

The news reached to New York and reached the minority. The scrimmer has proven his innocence to post a video on the tongue.

"Officers, I'm not the truth, as you know I'm in New York," he wrote. "Hardworking blackpool police, luck with the investigation."

Within days, the man realized and now announces the police arrest.

The Lancashire Police have arrested a 36-year-old woman in South West in connection with the robbery case. They also thanked the Metropolitan Police. Thanks to Metropolitan Police: "#IllBeThereForYou"

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