Friday , January 27 2023

The big music festival in Belguime ended on the basis of sudden security, fake suspicions


In Belgium there was a chaotic end before a music festival such as Rappar Cardi B was released.

On Friday (Saturday NZ) safety concerns were apparently due to the reason behind the cancellation of the Westville festival in Belgium, although local officials started a fraud investigation.

It adds more level of confusion and reconnects memories of the Fei Festival, which was the pressure of the failed music in the Bahamas in 2017, which was initially brought to the world's attention in smash in the Netfix documentary this year.

In the Flemish region of Belgium, there is an elaborate stage of videos posted on Twitter for a three-day music festival at Lomel's campus. But almost thousands of festivals in Europe and elsewhere were shocked by the police, with some dogs, tried to keep them away from the ground.

Cardi B was played in the Westville festival in Belgium.

Amy Harris / Invision / AP

Cardi B was played in the Westville festival in Belgium.

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Belgium's Rtbf The network said on Saturday that the Lembaar's lawyer office has started investigations based on fraud suspected of payment, and citing spokesman Jeron Swajsen, that three organizers of the festival were questioned on Friday night. Three were not known. An investigating judge has been investigating further suspicious campaigns on suspicious campaigns, including divorce, locking and trust violation.

Westwich wrote on Facebook and Twitter on Friday that Lomel Mayor Bob Nez stopped the festival on safety grounds. It has been stated in the posts that after security advice for safety services and security for $ 85 for the Star Rapper, "it was decided that the security of the artist and the public can not be guaranteed".

However, the investigation currently does not include security issues.

An AP Rocky said on Twitter that the promoters had told them that "security and infrastructure concerns" would have been "handled, but unfortunately for you and me they were not".

There was no immediate response to the email query about Westville's alleged deficiencies and other potential problems of cancellation, which reminded of the failure of the festival Fayeville. It was a musical boatout in a luxury setting on the Bahamian island. He never opened due to the safety of food problems.

Rapper Ja Rule, co-founder of the Fair Festival, was taking part in the Westwich on Saturday. He has denied any involvement in any fraud and has never accused any wrongdoing related to the failed venture.

Joe Rule, left, in Belgium, and Billy McFarland was going to be from a poorly attended Faye Festival.


Joe Rule, left, in Belgium, and Billy McFarland was going to be from a poorly attended Faye Festival.

Fire co-founder Billy McFarland, 26, was sentenced to six years in federal court in Manhattan in October. After the arrest of the scandal, he accepted more than $ 26 million and $ 100,000 in investors' corruption in the scheme of fraudulent tickets.

The Angry Westville festival-the whites make a comparison between the two festivals in social media. However, some tried to defeat disappointment with joy.

The video on twitter shows that many young people climb on the stage and give a stupid performance.

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