Monday , March 27 2023

The Bulldogs upset, Burgess and Burns will endanger the South's top four hopes


The Rabbitohs' top four hopes have been left on the rocks in Canterbury's big-kill late-season, while the prospect of hitting Brendan Burns and another Sam Burgess was a frightening night for South Sydney.

Burns cast the figures scattered in the ANZ Stadium shed, as the resurgent Bulldogs upset ૧ upset – 6, this fortunate youth center re-injured the same hamstring that had caddied for three months earlier this year.

While Burns will undergo mandatory scans and assessments in the coming days, making for his on-field reaction and long-term preliminary fumble vicarious prognosis, coach Wayne Bennett acknowledges that "this is probably his season. [over]General Chat Chat Lounge This is the third time he did it ".

So skipper Sam Burgess, who sat down with a quadrennial strain last week, pulled off a late kick in the contest with the Canterbury kicking.

"It doesn't look too good," Bennett said of Burgess, who will run the clock for next week's vicious match with former coaches Anthony Seibold and the Broncos in a six-day turnaround.

Kieran Foran, meanwhile, knows all too well what Burns is facing.

But eventually his salad days at Manly put his calf and hamstring issues in the half-harassed southern bed of big money.

Foron's work on the line proved to be game-breaking, with two tries for Conti Haravira-Naira, Canterbury making it three straight – the first time they have done that in Dean Pay's tenure at Belmore.

For the Rabbitohs, though, the loss puts them out of the top four for the first time, at the worst of the season.

Manley's big win over the West Tigers sees them finishing fourth with only three regular season games remaining, with the crucial second bite of the semi-final cherry blossoming if the Souths can't reclaim the puck.

By holding it well and truly in the trenches, Canterbury made the most of the race without reward.

The penalty score traded by Adam Reynolds and Nick Meaney just before half time had the scorers in trouble.

It was Minnie who was probably looking down the left edge of the B Bulldogs, when the triline lengthened and once again approached Dan Gagai, batting the ball with a hot-chasing blue-white flyer.

The other Reynolds penalty goal overcame the Rabbitohs after the break, but assured Foran that their advantage lasted all 60 seconds.

Harveira-Narayan awarded the first Triskorler honor in the 47th minute with his feathered gubber in the in-goal.

Reynolds immediately scored again with the third penalty goal of the night.

Once again, he put the Four on the plate in revenge, driving Harawira-Narien to a 12-6 lead with a short distance.

As Raymond Fatla-Mariner and Dalin Watten-Zelezniak guided them as they waited for the route, Lachlan Lewis and Fourn Canterbury looked increasingly likely.

The clock ticked down and James Roberts of the South and Gagai hit the points.

The bar on Gagai when he was jumping up the line gave the South a full set in prime real estate, only to have Liam Knight occupied, facing him later.

When Will Hopoit shot downfield shortly afterwards, Sam Burgess was sniped with an ankle injury that would turn out to be a sweat during South's week.

So, his worrisome form slump that has now made him fifth on the ladder after losing three to Trotter, in return for Brisbane winning six of his last seven.

And for Canterbury, another top-eight team's chance to roam the cage is still sweetest if they can outrun the old enemy Parmatma on Thursday.

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