Wednesday , May 18 2022

The lawyer says that the court is trying to put people in jeopardy


Court staffs are in danger of being accidentally informed in court after the trial court in Christchurch presented the defense lawyer.

Daniel Francis was convicted by bookmakers for shooting and shooting at Christian District Court. Three men tried to attack the lawyers' bench.

His lawyer, Liz Balger, says one of the favors was part of one of the part of the glass partition.

After the death of a companion, the French seemed to have a meat.

Bulgar said he feels the possibility of trouble today. But she could not appear through an audio visual link because of industrial activities brought by members of the PSA union, coordinators.

They said that action was being put in danger.

"The people were in danger and there was a big police presence in the backside of the court and there was no doubt there was no suspicion, because the relationship was going on with the topic, but this is the worst example of this morning in the 31-year practical life court.

More than 2000 Public Services Associations have been working on a salary dispute with the Justice Ministry.

Mr Carl Crafar, Chief Operating Officer, said: "The Ministry has expressed concern over the security, security and welfare of courts and participants because of industrial activities.

"We are always making sure that we plan to manage the risks," he said.

"Although the Ministry does not publicly discuss the details of the security systems, I assure you that there are three court security officers in the court and a police station with a large number of risks associated with it."

PAA national secretary Glenn Barclay said that the strike would not strike.

"PSA agrees to take a tough for the industrial impediment between the Ministry of Justice and the PSA to reach a resolution," Barclay said.

"We are hoping that this will be solved soon and will agree with the present statement that disputes are resolved by the NS Law Society."

They expressed their hope that the bargaining bureau in the Ministry would resume immediately.

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