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The police & # 39; rudest cafe & # 39; in New Zealand to provide some modest customer service advice. Visit


In New Zealand "Rudest Cafe" has achieved a fresh height of controversy, in which one report is that police owners offer "customer service advice" to Karin and Donald Coolingford.

On the western edge of the Canterbury Plane, the Springfield store and Cafe, Arthur's past is the last place to catch the feed, and the trip advisor (1.5 stars) according to Google reviews (1.5) and Yellow (1 star) is the last place you want to do.

Christopher's Colonel Henderson said earlier this month in Café's review that "I have killed such a satirical person." One of the 71 (99 to 99) TripAdvisor's "Ratings to Establish"

"Kiwi as it relates to the tourists of our country to experience this type of service."

Batman's Bay visitor offered, "There was not even a look at what food – there was no coffee, no breakfast, and the lady just wanted to go home."

The weight of "Olivia" is, "The elderly woman outdid our chips and reproached myself and my friend and bore us something under her breath."

Another customer, after a day of Christchurch mosque massacre, who is verbally assaulting an Indian woman with a child playing. "The woman with gray-haired woman came out of the kitchen and was very angry and shouted at the top of her voice."

On Google reviews, Christine Mackenzie writes, "The most complete – you'll never find people behind the counter – do not worry about going there!"

Café receives two nodes for his pie (2012 and 2013), in the cafe boutiques section of the New Zealand Supreme Pie Awards, Kryningforth has been ranked fifth and second respectively).

But comments like "Shame" and "Wish there zero zero" are more common. Mark Archbald says, "Super unfoldly, clumsy, slow service, cool, dangerous ice-up entry."

Christchurch woman writes, "We needed to continue the journey, so I went to ask if I can not renounce." "The nerves were hit for the owners and their abusive behavior was insane; the lacquer bags were thrown on me and asked to pack my own food. They screamed at me, they were not McDonalds; I did not suggest that the fish were also in the chip shop. Do not take 45 minutes … my husband came in because he heard shaking and shocked us and got out of the store. Project. Local people have told us that scream out at least once a week.
To stop the business of these terrible people, they are out of control! "

The second customer says, "Probably the most harsh, rude and paranoid, when asked when making pies, lady immediately went into attack mode. The simple question is simple answer, not for her, as I insulted her. And never will go back. "

Bad reviews are ongoing and ongoing.

How can such criticisms endanger the store?

Perfectly, it turns out well, it turns out.

Kellingsford has taken café in company office records in 2010.

In 2016, Springfield Café was published by Herald in the title titled "New Zealand's own Fauley Towers" – in which a harsh Kurt Beare attempted food and service for himself. He had tied himself up for an encounter with a contemporary online reviewer who was known as "the most virtuous woman in New Zealand". But if the rent leases "average" then the owners will prove to be very supportive and helpful.

In the same year, Klingford also showed in a nine-minute video posted by an angry customer, who waited for an hour (its version) or a half-hour (owner's) pouch for a chips. It's a high volume exchange that recalls John Claes's fantasy restaurant owner's voice (You can see it here. Warning: Language).

Yet by all the dramatically bad propaganda, Springfield cafés have occupied the tourists trail in their place on the trail. Like the fictional Fountain Towers, it's a living.

Police and Coolingford did not return calls for immediate comment.

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