Monday , January 25 2021

This is a great day for white wedding: All Blacks Rugby Star Sherry Service shares photos of wonderful wedding day photos

All the Black Stars Ardie Service shared photos of their wedding with their partner Sasaki Hartman-Hitchenberg in Fiji three days before Christmas.

Friends and family, including a 12-month-old daughter Kobe, who watched the tumor at Dayrau's Sheraton Resort.

Savena's older brother and 28-year-old former Black Julian Service, traveled to France, where he plays for Island Neptunes with Island Fatima and his daughter Jude.

The All-White Wedding made some stunning photos, which the service was distributed today on Instagram, in which Julien and Kobe were both very involved,

Savace selected large pear shaped diamonds for his bride in South Africa and in December 2017, proposed Kobe's days after birth.

His new wife shared a happy day photo too.

In an earlier interview with Woman Day, Ardie said that when he and his fiancee were married, Kobe's role was acting.

"Do you live with Daddy, Mommy comes down with acetel, is it bubba?"

Sheraton's marriages can be as precious as marriage, just as budget allows.

Packages are offered such as "Celebrity Under the Stars", which includes a dinner or a beach dinner, pre-dinner capacitors, drinks, fairy lights, hanging lanterns, and Polynesian fire dancing.

Four hour dancing and a dedicated event planer are also included. The price for 30 guests is $ 11,000.

In a post on social media, the Fatima service hit the French fans who had targeted their husband during the rugby season to attend the wedding.

"I record a direct record. Before Julian signed his contract, he had time to attend his brother's wedding in December, so both of these clubs and Julien agreed, or Julian did not come to Toulon in September and instead In January. "

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