Thursday , June 8 2023

This year the Auckland teachers' strike was a second time


The government's latest salary offer has not responded well to the NZEI Te Riu Roa.

The teachers and protest demonstrators have been protesting against the withdrawal of government teachers in government offices.

The teacher at Kahhede Olivera, a Gladdeston primary school and teacher, says: "From my point of view, money is pulled out of it, 3% of the 3 years will have a very good intent, and that's 9%, wherever you are, it does not handle our workload, and our work load disappears."

Class sizes or professional time claims include the main concerns of educators.

A teacher at Mt Albert Memorial Hall in open discussions today said,[The Education Review Office] Next year our school comes to look at our teachers' standards, and that's what we can go – we can do away with it. "

Someone says, "We accept, [the government] We're not going to give you everything we want, and you'll have such conversations with your staff that it's very acceptable. "

Oliviera says, "Recruiting and retiring teachers of good quality, attracting teachers, giving us time to teach us the time we are going to teach them all know what our teachers are doing."

The invasion will start tomorrow in other parts of the country, from Friday.

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