Saturday , April 1 2023

Tupo power issues: The transponder restores electricity supplier to substitution


The Tupo residents are expected to rest soon if the Transponder New Zealand report is not reported.

The power grid was reinstated to the National Grid on Monday at 6am. Transparency N Speech spoke on Facebook.

"Unison is now in the process of electrifying their local network, but it may take some time to complete their work," said Transformer NZ.

"Hand over all outlets in real time. When we tried to restore our viruses, we want to thank all those who are affected by the current price rise for their patience and knowledge."

It was announced that 16,000 customers have been left without electricity.

A spokeswoman for Transparency NZ said that the problems caused by electrical disruption were caused.

"One of the feeders distributed by Unison was loaded due to the disruption of electric devices," a spokeswoman said.

"Our priority brings us to a more advanced area, as safe as possible.

"We believe that UNICEF will take some time to restore the power of individuals and businesses in infected areas."

As the transparency of NBC's power restored, Unison began restoring electricity to households and businesses in these areas.

"It's faster than expected, everyone takes about two hours to get energy source," said Unison on Facebook.

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