Monday , May 29 2023

Upgrade to Samsung 970 EVO SSD Blazing Fast NVM Ways for a Less Cost


If your PC or laptop supports flashlight-fast NVMe storage, today is a good day to take one of our favorite SSD drives. Amazon sold 500GB 970 EVO M.2 drive for $ 117. The price is below $ 30 a barrel last week and the price of $ 500 is above 500 GB WD BlackDD.

However, a weak budget of performance for a better price is a good bargain, especially if you are talking to SSDs This Soon we reviewed Samsung 970 EVO in April and praised its price and speed.

As long as the cache ends, the readings of the 500GB model will be faster, but if you do not move too much data you will not have to face it. In our tests, a 48GB file was copied to 20GB and slowed down. If you plan to copy 48GB files at all times, WB Black is probably the best deal. Everyone else's Samsung 970 EVO is good.

The key feature of this drive is the fastest NVM interface that replaces the traditional SATA III protocol for data transfers. As for the NVM drive to work on your PC, you need a modern religious board that supports NVM. Above all, some previous NVM-compatible multibooks that do not allow boot from the NVM-disk drive have to solve this problem with most people with a BIOS update on these days. Check out our long discussions on NVMe issues for more information.

If you can run the NVM drive, Samsung will say the reading speed of 970 EVO will reach 3,500 megabytes per second. According to our tests, it was like a 3,004 MBPS – Samsung's speed is at 550MBPS, which is always popular with the 860 EVO SATA SSD. If you move too much data, it's good to upgrade to NVMe.

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