Monday , May 29 2023

World's first underwater hotel villa costs $ 50,000 a night


Have you ever wondered how to spend a night on the lap of luxury underneath the Indian Ocean? If you can burn $ 50,000, you may feel private contractor at Rangalley Island Resort in Maldives. This property is claimed by the world's first underwater hotel villa. An eye for water costs $ 50,000 at night.

Guests will get $ 50,000 for a night price tag. There are nine guests with two storied villa. All of these come to a private beach. Speedboat will also be available for full use. There is a 24-hour butler staff that includes the chef service.

The USP has royal bedroom, living area, and bathroom with a glass structure of more than 500 meters. The underground floor provides a 180 degree panorama of marine life.

The low suit is actually made in a hotel in the coast of the resort in Singapore. This structure is made by acrylic. The ship was then transported to a special ship without the damage. Concrete is then constructed as pillows, the lower suite is not on high fences or rough waves.

The resort now reserves the entire villa called Murakka. This is the coral reef in the local dive language.

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