Monday , July 4 2022

About violence , Police – Two boys detected in the neck – Two arrested


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On Monday night, a 40-year-old woman was arrested by police in Oxoiosa.

Police report Twitter The police have shifted two of the arrested accused in connection with the Oxoi woman's arrest on Monday. Both will be questioned on Tuesday. The woman suffered moderately. She will be questioned when she can.

NTP had informed the police what was really happening. A ambulance was asked to tell the 40-year-old boy had called the police at the age of 22.

– When they see the wounds when the ambulance comes, they will inform us at 22.30. Steiner Housewik, Operations Manager at Oslo Police District, said. Though he was rushed to hospital, he was not admitted to hospital.

I met a young woman with a Witness. Two people were apprehended and one in the 20s was arrested.

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