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Amanda Kurtovic, who suffers from painful field:

Norway-France 23-21

Norway defeated world champions France 23-21 in the European Championship Tour and won the furniture cup, but the victory ended with serious bitterness.

Amanda Kurtovic, who left 22-17 in the team, was very sad in the field with nine minutes.

Curtouk seemed to be suffering from knee injuries, and was so glad that the entire Telenor Arena could hear it.

– Shelves goes through margins and bones. I have heard them before. There is no good news then, said TV-2 commentator Harald Bradley.

In the video at the top you can see what happened.

When Curtawick was going to put her feet on the ground, she got an accident and instead she twist her knee. The 27-year-old left the field and immediately wept

Sent to the hospital

In the stand, Nora Mourke and her friend Cecilie Steinman gave a strong reaction to Nesse Curtovich's sleeve.

Bradley said, "He keeps his breath together with the rest of the audience."

– She is very sad. It is always there when there are big injuries. It's probably a serious injury, but we'll have to wait until we see what we're looking for. She is very sad The loss of our games is these situations. For us and Amanda
Landscape Manager Thor Hurgerson said in TV 2 after the match, "We must try to work.

Physiotherapist Trond VIngo Soozabak says later on TV how severe the damage on TV 2 Sunday:

Now we do not know, it has been sent to the hospital and our doctor was with you. There it will be examined. We only have compression and snow, and only he knows that he is on the left side of the knee,

– What are you doing now?

She is being examined in her hospital, and then she has to take it from there. Unfortunately, we do not know anything more than that.

Handball Association's press release stated that on Sunday night, Kravvik was kneeling. It was not possible to do so and therefore the level of injury was not clear. They are hoping to do MRI surveys on Monday.

Selection: Nora Mork and Cecilie Steinman on Ness Stand. Photo: TV 2:
Selection: Nora Mork and Cecilie Steinman on Ness Stand. Photo: TV 2:

Team friends shaken

Landscape crew Stain Breadle OfDale gave comfort to teammates while receiving treatment after leaving her field.

"He is absolutely terrible, he is shaking all of us. In the past he is very much in the past, he is sad to lose somebody. We just hope he is less serious than this, , "Said Offdal on TV 2.

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