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Anita Crohn Tresethe resigned as Head of Innovation Norway

"It was a very special day, writes Anita Crohn Treset on Facebook on Friday night.

Earlier on Friday, it was announced that he resigned as head of Innovation Norway. She writes that this is not a simple decision to leave Thursday, but it is thought-provoking.

"No one has asked me to go, I do not force to go, I have chosen the time to suggest that others should take charge after five years. It is not more mysterious than that, writes Traceath.

She has earlier said that senior leaders with major changes should be in the same position for five years.

Cronhorn Tracee informed in January 2019 to the departure chairman Gunner Bowiem. It will start as a partner in a Norwegian company, according to a press release.

– She informed me this yesterday. Chairman of the Board, Gunnar Bowiem, DN has not been given any detailed discussions.

Guerner Bowiem, chairman of Innovation Norway,

Guerner Bowiem, chairman of Innovation Norway,
(Photo: Ovind Nordhal Nas)

"She has said that you should not sit too long. It was time to meet yourself in the door. There is no play in this because I see it, she adds.

On Friday, Facebook writes Traceath:

"Both the chairman and the department have tried their best and make sure I really want this and, if there is a change of place, the last night.

The management team and employees were reported on Friday.

«No final agreement»

"I can not say anything about the final agreement, because I do not know anything about it. Bowim says that we have not discussed when and how it has expired.

Truset did not respond to DN's inquiry on Friday.

However, on Facebook, she writes that there is no final agreement, she has a six-month notice and will remain as long as the chairman wants.

This innovation confirms Communication Advisor KJtil Sermono Bergman in Norway.

– Anita Crohn's Tracey has usually canceled her position. She has a six-month notice, and is not a final contract, she tells the DN.

Report ends after

As leader of the state's company, he has been attacked several times around Treseth. After all, this summer the boat was Norway's Norway's richest, fur-heir Katherine's g. Actress worked in an unstable situation without releasing Anderson.

Ford-Heyce Stalin Andreasen

Ford-Heyce Stalin Andreasen
(Photo: Gorm Key Gere)

After one week of discussing with Delight, Trusset's announcement ended, it concluded that Anderson's recruitment process did not violate the Norwegian norms of Innovation. Even though this report points out that there is room for improvement in the context of regular description.

He was very angry with the overall oil industry because Innovation was dragged from oil operators during the oil industry in Stovanger, Norway in 2018. After years of cooperation with the Research Council, Innovation Norway chose to stand in a so called clean energy park.

One thing is that since 2014 many storms and hurricanes have surrounded us and my surroundings, so blown in 2018, it has not been decisive in the elections, since 2014 it is a comprehensive evaluation and what is needed in the future is essential. Decisive, she writes.

The struggle with the chairman

In March, Chairman Perr Otto Dye resigned, and at the same time he went to the throat of Traceath in a letter to the Innovation Norwegian election committee.

Otto Left

Otto Left
(Photo: Alexander Nordhal)

"The CEO has had a close experience with the board of struggles, struggles and divisions, which he wrote in the letter," Eddie's relationship was decided for discussion on March 1.

Eddie CEO, Anita Kroon Traceath will say.

After what the DN knew, some trade unions in Innovation Norway had a tension with Trace, and it felt that he had played the role of unions and union representatives against each other on various occasions.

In 2015, Treseth wrote on his personal blog that the internal forces launched a sword campaign against the organization and other key people. New representatives The Trusses union representatives and trade associations were both crucial as the top leader of the blog about internal conflicts in Norway.

However, the TreSheth has many built-in supporters internally.

– Great try for five years. Good luck, Tom Folk Hald, Trade Union Parat DN is called senior deputy voter.

Norway's prominent elected representatives of LO, Norwegian Service Managing Director, Liv Johan Kristensen, regret the departure of Traceath in Norway.

– Anita K. Antila There is good and creative cooperation with Traceath. We are sorry that he has now decided to stay in Norway as Director of Innovation, he tells DN.

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