Saturday , June 10 2023

Arne Fredly risk and win Einar Aas lost billions


(Financials): Sources around the Arne circle Fredly typed Finansavisen to the Monarchian investor himself to exploit the extremes created by the collapse of Einar Aas.

– I can confirm that I have a position, but I do not want to go into details. I revolved around myself, and the more I read the case. I also need paperwork, because I was mostly okay now, "says Arne Fredly Finansavisen.

You do not want to say how much you want to say, but sources known for investment suggest that Fredly had to work out a plan to get 500 million but not clear exposures, but nearly 200 million while the net position reached 100 million.

"It's okay that the plan brought me a lot more than I did." There was really no brain, "Fredly Finansavisen says.

This is the concrete 2020 contract that Arne Fredly has invested, but also the 2019 contracts, which are only between 18 and 12 euros. With a net exposure of 100 million, the scattering corresponds to a gain of around NOK 20-25 million, writes Finansavinen.

Aas loses about 2.4 billion crowns of bankruptcy, of which 1.3 is the money he has invested and 1.1 billion dollars still falls. Today, however, AAS would be good at its portfolio, though spread is still well above the norm.

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