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Assault In Olello he was kidnapped and beaten


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"When it's dark, I should not let you go outside.

– I want to prove to you what will happen when you do this with others. I can not go outside after the darkness, "says Natevoise.

We have not written her name when dealing with a woman.

The woman was killed in Oslo on Sunday evening. Who does not know who made the mistake. The woman filed a complaint with the consent of the victim. The girl posted the post with her permission.

I do not remember anything

Oslo to Karlsruud / Lambertseter / Ekeberg South East 02 November, 5th Sunday, November 4th, the police contacted the contact details.

Woman address: This woman crosses Sunday, November 4, between Lembertier and Ickberg Night.


"I do not remember anything," said the woman to Netanyahu. She fell down with her friends and went home as usual. She cautions about drinking, and she loves to walk home after visiting friends to walk.

The last thing she remembers is that she is going to rema on the Karlsted.

The next day she woke up in bloodbath and suggested home at Ekebergsletta north.

"I was shocked when I reached the bathroom," says Woman. On Sunday afternoon, she met her neighbors.

"When he saw me, he started to cry," he said. This neighbor has been posted and posted on Facebook.

His wife was taken to a burning emergency room.

There were big wounds on the girl's eyes, there was a crack on her face, this week at the hospital.

"I have torn the nails and caused cuts in my hands, so I'm fighting," she said.

The incident took place when I arrived from Eberberg, north of Ebergenstetta. It is not clear where she is looting.


Found assets

Several items have been found from Sunday. But she does not even remember what happened.

People on Facebook and other websites speculate that migrants are violent.

"I do not want to be involved in such offensive, I do not remember what happened, and I was one of our new countrymen who managed to control me, and I'm convinced that we need to get to each other," she says.

So, she hopes that her captors will see others caught and threatened by her.

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