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Astrid Smeplass works with Modest Management


New partner: Astrid has acquired new international management. Here's the Swedish
New partner: Astrid has acquired new international management. Pictured as guest of the Swedish "Idol" here Photo: NTB ScanPix


The management behind the return of Spice Girls is to create Astrid's global superstar.

Published: Updated: 27.11.18 11:48

The 22-year-old, who was last seen at P3 Gold at the end of this week, was previously in the US. Label Island, Virgin to United Kingdom and Universal Worldwide were signed.

Now Smeplass has acquired more international pop muscles.

It is a fresh addition to stables in British Modest Management, with the creation of "Idol", Simon Fuller Orchestra Ongoing Spice Girls' Comeback.

He has also been behind this year's great Boy Band Success, One Direction and Cheryl Cole's solo career.

In stables, now they have the names of about 20 artists, including the small group Little Mix, 5 seconds of Summer Boy Band and the great "X Factor" winner Olly Murse.

"Astrid is truly a true artist – a talented songwriter has been blessed with an entertaining and unique world-class voice," said Will Bloomfield, one of the management's three owners.

"Astrid's extraordinary talent is followed by ambition and a driving force that puts it on the path of becoming a global global superstar. We are extremely proud to represent him.

Astrid became the "Game Player of the Year" for 2017, in that connection, VGTV created this:

Smeplass & # 39; Norwegian manager Helvor Marsstrander is excited about his new partner.

Maststranders, who recently expanded their interstellar management with football star Andrew and Eda Hagerberg, "We have a push and a unique global support to get a modest team."

– Modest delivery will be like a team. We'll have many good heads that will work together for astrid worldwide.

Modest Management recently won a prestigious award in Artists and Manager Awards in London: The Peter Grant Prize, named as Lead Zeppelin's legendary, ball-refugee and uncertainly managerial manager of the seventies.

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According to Music Week Owners told Richard Griffiths another man that he had recently read Peter Grant's book and got inspiration there.

"What is clear to me is that our work as managers is to support our artists, even if it is a personal result for us.

Smegals' last single, & # 39; Emotion & # 39; is ranked third on the VG list near 9 million worldwide sports sports.

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