Wednesday , March 3 2021

AT AIDIDAS The woman was seriously injured after her accident

Due to an eight tragedy at the Fert municipality of Aksess, Friday night, 30-year-old man was reportedly seriously wounded.

The incident happened on Friday night at 23.43.

One was breathless when he could not save his life. But lung and muscle was brought to the hospital.

"Emergency Services came to an unconscious state and told him that he was breathless and muscular at one point, but he was called to hospital," said Operation Manager Atle Weststore, NTP's eastern police district.

An hour later he was reported by the police on Twitter. He has serious injuries and included his head.

Police checked the blood test and checked the blood.

"Probation has probably been suspected and a temporary driver license has been decided," Operations Manager Fredrik Słobakken says.

That man was still in hospital. Operation manager was unaware when he came to know.

The accident occurred on municipal road.

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